Award Winning Filmmaker Turning Kansas City in Heartwood

Contact: Sheryle Dick at 816-518-3764

On July 18, 2013 Academy® Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Don Barrett, will host the first screening of “Pain in America: The Silver Tsunami” at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Overland Park, KS.

Pain in America is a comprehensive look at the Silver Tsunami, the 79 million Baby Boomers who will be retiring between now and 2029. Crossing the 65 year threshold they will be entering that part of their life when they can expect to confront more pain and illness. The health care system as presently constituted isn’t remotely ready for this bolus of humanity. The National Academy of Sciences has estimated the total cost of caring for this generation of Americans at $15.5 trillion (and that’s not counting for inflation). What can be done?

The documentary explores various possible solutions including adding modern chiropractic into the mix. The profession as practiced today is research driven and uses many different techniques including scientific computerized equipment to treat patients. It also emphasizes health as an alternative to sickness and seeks to teach its patients how managing their health can help them avoid, illness and even surgery.

Barrett will host the screening with a 15 minute introduction, and join nationally renowned Dr. June Rogers for a question and answer session afterwards. Copies of “Pain in America: The Silver Tsunami” will be available for sale on DVD for $19.95 and its sister program, “Pain in America: The Extended Interviews” for $24.95. Both programs benefit from more than 168 interviews running 60 hours by some of the most distinguished doctors, scientists and educators in the world.

Attendance is without charge but because of demand it’s advised you email or call 913-234-0607.

Don Barrett: Bio

Writer, Producer, Director Don Barrett was born into a Hollywood motion picture family. His mother’s brother (uncle) was an Academy Award winning composer; his grandfather ran the music department at a major studio.

“I grew up surrounded by some of the most famous people in the world, only I was too young to know how celebrated they were,” Barrett is fond of saying. “I remember swimming with Elvis when he still had a last name, and playing softball with actor Robert Ryan and Frank Sinatra. To me it was no big deal.”

Barrett graduated California State University at Northridge and received a Masters of Fine Arts from the Royal College of Music in London. Returning to Los Angeles and his show business roots, he began his documentary filmmaking career with turns in “Powers of Ten”, “Closed Mondays” and “Scared Straight”, which won an Oscar, an Emmy and the coveted George Foster Peabody Award.

Encouraged by his family to move to the entertainment side of the Industry, he worked at the Dick Clark Company and the (Johnny) Carson Company making network television shows for CBS, NBC and ABC. In 1987 he accepted a position at Paramount Television and was involved “behind the scenes” in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

While at Paramount, Barrett began his own production company, creating programming for the burgeoning home video market. Among the many titles he wrote, produced and directed were award winners such as “Patrick Stewart narrates The Planets” (NASA Hubble Award), “Nine Worlds” (Best in Festival – Berlin), and “The Voyager Odyssey” (Cited as the 6th Best Documentary Ever Made in “The Greatest Movies Ever Made” – Editors of Entertainment Weekly – Time Life). His videos have sold more than four million copies.

Barrett considers “Pain in America” one of his most important titles.

“I made a program which will acquaint millions with the opportunities for pain relief afforded by Chiropractic. That actually means more to me, at this point in my life, than all the awards on the Planet.”

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