Youthfront partners with Food for the Hungry, Fights Growing Hunger Crisis in Haiti

SHAWNEE MISSION, KAN. (July 4, 2013) – Approximately 1.5 million Haitians currently face severe food insecurity due to drought and crop failure, according to the United Nations. Something to EatTM, a facet of Youthfront, is working with Food for the Hungry (FH) to respond to this crisis though emergency food aid.

In partnership with Something to EatTM, FH has distributed high-protein, vitamin-fortified meals to malnourished children and children under age 2. Something to EatTM plays a vital role in the work the FH does—it organizes packaging events locally and sends the nutrient-rich food to FH for distribution. “One of the most amazing elements of this story from our perspective is the fact the food is packaged by teenagers, impassioned by hunger issues, who personally raised the money to make it happen,” said Mike King, President/CEO of Youthfront.

Something to EatTM has received national recognition for its packaging events and it is proud to be a part of this crisis-relief effort. San Francisco Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt has been an on-going supporter of Something to EatTM and has organized packaging events. His new book To Stir a Movement, credits the work Youthfront and its Something to EatTM program is doing. He recently commented on the relief activity saying, “This is exactly the kind of need we want to meet. Our goal is to get healthy food into the hands of the most vulnerable in the face of crisis. Now the challenge is to see this through till the crisis is over.”

Youthfront is proud of the traction Something to EatTM is gaining in the state of Kansas and also nation-wide. “We will continue to foster this program,” says King. “To watch teenagers actively taking part to help those in need is something we never want to stop having a part in.” Youthfront has food packaging events once a week during the summer at its Youthfront West camp location. Here, students attending camp learn about crisis relief and package meals to be distributed. In addition to its camp initiatives, Youthfront offers packaging events throughout the year through churches and individual packaging events. ### Youthfront was founded in 1943. It operates two camp location as well as the global initiative Something to EatTM. Youthfront also has programs in Croc, Mexico and in the Argentine District in Kansas City, KS. For more information about Youthfront and its many programs, visit

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