First Half Activity of the Coast Guard Auxiliary

The Eighth Western Rivers District of the Coast Guard Auxiliary covers sixteen states, including the state of Missouri. There are 1,360 members in the District which is split into 12 divisions and 63 flotillas. Members participate in a variety of missions such as teaching boating safety classes, conducting vessel safety checks, conducting surface and air operations, and engaging in a host of other activities.

The primary mission of the Coast Guard Auxiliary is to promote recreational boating safety. The Auxiliary also has the mission of contributing to the safety and security of our citizens, ports, and waterways. Our members do that in a variety of ways. During the first half of 2013, Auxiliary members in the Eighth Western Rivers Region conducted roughly:

• 1,400 vessel safety checks of boats, jets skis, and paddle craft. This free service is a voluntary examination of the safety equipment carried or installed on a vessel.

• 1,000 marine dealer and program partner visits, providing boating safety literature and brochures for further distribution to the general public.

• 400 public education classes related to boating and water safety. All boaters should take such a course to have a safer, more enjoyable experience when out on the water.

• 200 safety and regatta patrols on lakes and rivers within the district, with over 1,000 hours on the water. Locally, members conduct operational patrols on Smithville Lake and the Missouri River.

Auxiliary members spend thousands of hours on marine safety and other missions, as well as providing operational and administrative support to the Coast Guard.

In addition to the preventive measures taken to promote recreational boating safety, our members provided assistance to more than 50 individuals on disabled vessels during the first half of this year, saving several lives.

Within the District, there are:

• 127 coxswain (small boat operators) • 160 boat crew members • 19 aircraft commanders, air crew, and air observers
• 157 surface & 6 air facilities (boats and aircraft) • 314 vessel examiners • 309 instructors • 160 marine dealer visitors

In order to proficiently and safely engage in our various missions and activities, our members go through a great deal of specialized member training. During the first half of 2013, the Auxiliary provided almost 900 hours of training to our members here in this District.

For more information about the activities of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, call (816) 682-6552 or visit us online at

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