Studio On Main to host Piloxing Master Trainer Abby Honaker

June 13, 2013 By Sally Whitaker

Independence, MO - Locally owned Studio On Main - Pilates & Yoga announced on Friday, June 7 that they will be hosting a Piloxing Master Class on Saturday, June 29 at 9:00 am. This class will be FREE to the public and taught by Master Trainer Abby Honaker. The class is one hour in length. Piloxing is a fusion of Pilates, boxing and dance that sculpts muscles, increases flexibility and burns up to 800 calories in an hour. A master trainer is someone with years of Piloxing experience and has spent time training directly with the Piloxing founder, Viveca Jensen. This FREE class is designed to introduce the Kansas City metro to the Hollywood fitness craze. More information can be found at or

About the Studio On Main At Studio on Main, we believe exercise should be something you look forward to, that engages you, and leaves you refreshed and alert with a feeling of physical and mental well-being. Each of our studios is designed to provide an enjoyable and challenging workout for individuals at every fitness level. Whether you are a competitive athlete, busy executive, or just getting started, our certified instructors will help you design a fitness program that meets your needs and budget. If you’re ready to get fit and flexible in an environment committed to bringing physical, mental, and spiritual balance to your life, then it’s time to get started at Studio on Main.

About Piloxing Piloxing uniquely mixes Pilates and boxing into a fat torching and muscle sculpting workout guaranteed to whip you into shape. Created by celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen to help her Pilates students also get cardio and weight training. Experience the transformation as you attain a sleek, sexy and powerful self-image.

Contact To learn more about this event please contact: Sally Whitaker, Manager 123 S. Main Street, Independence, MO 64050 (816)718-5714

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