KC Marks First Anniversary of Council Resolution Supporting Constitutional Amendment

Kansas City, MO – June 14, 2013 marks the first anniversary of the unanimous passing of a resolution in support of a US constitutional amendment against corporate personhood by the City Council of Kansas City, MO. The resolution was in response to the January 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission, which allowed corporations to spend unlimited money campaigning for or against candidates and ballot measures in elections. The Citizens United ruling gave rise to so-called Super PACs, which raised unprecedented corporate campaign dollars in the 2012 presidential election. The ruling inspired a national movement to abolish corporate personhood, the doctrine which grants corporations the same constitutional protections as human beings.

Kansas City Move to Amend is the local affiliate to the national organization by the same name, organized to pass a constitutional amendment affirming that corporate monies spent for political influence are not equal to free speech, and that corporations are not entitled to same protections as human beings under the Constitution. The US Supreme Court interprets the Constitution to determine what is and is not constitutional. Since the Constitution does not mention corporations, Move to Amend believes an amendment is needed to clarify the proper role and status of corporations in America.

Said Jan Marcason, City Council member for Kansas City's 4th district and sponsor of last year’s resolution, "Kansas City stands with nearly 200 other cities around the nation against giving constitutional rights to corporations. The Citizens United court decision has put us on a slippery slope where corporate influence can trump the voice of the citizens not just in elections, but in legislation as well, beyond the already excessive influence of lobbyists in Washington. Our government grants corporations the privilege of operating within the boundaries of the charters we grant them. It’s time we spell out exactly who the constitution serves, and that is its citizens, not corporations.”

To date, Move to Amend has gathered nearly 300,000 signatures from citizens in support of the amendment. Learn more by visiting KCMoveToAmend.org or call Mary Lindsay at 816-885-9996.


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