What tornado clean-up volunteers, businesses need to know about environmental hazards

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The Moore, Oklahoma Tornado Disaster: What Volunteers Need to Know to Protect their Health and How Residents and Businesses Can Prepare for the Future

(Kansas City, Missouri, May 26, 2013) – First responders, volunteers and residents living in Moore, Oklahoma, need to understand the safety and health implications of what happens when a disaster hits a populated area. “If you think of the common cleaning products, paint, and other toxic solvents that many families had stored in their homes and also businesses that use or produce toxic products, there’s a concern about the long term impact as it leaches into the ground and eventually water supplies,” remarks Stephanie Isaacson, President, New Horizons Enterprises, LLC, a Kansas City environmental remediation company. “Add asbestos, insulation, and lead-based paint to the mix, and it quickly becomes a toxic soup both in the air and on the ground.”
What are guidelines volunteers, property owners and others should follow in the next few days? •Agencies working in the area will have specific guidelines and rules for working within the community. Volunteers should follow them completely. •Be aware of your surroundings and use extra caution when touching debris. Lead exposure happens primarily by ingesting contaminated soil on dirty hands, injury to your hands is common if you’re not property protected with gloves. •Wear long pants, long sleeved shirts and heavy boots. Once the recovery and rebuilding process begins, it’s a good time for businesses and homeowners to think about how to prepare for any future disasters including fires. A few simple steps include: 1.Follow instructions on the storage label for products. 2.Be sure to store hazardous materials in well-ventilated areas. 3. Make certain you store flammable products in the recommended temperature range. 4.Use the original container to store products. If the label is lifting off, tape it on. 5.Reduce the amount of hazardous materials you store on site. Purchase only what you need. 6.Do periodic maintenance on your storage areas. Write down the names of the products, when purchased and when used last. Keep the list in a safe place or off site. 7.Consider shifting to non-toxic cleaning materials. “Eliminating toxic materials and properly storing them will definitely make a difference when a disaster like a fire or tornado occurs. These are easy steps any business owner can take that will have positive long term implications for the environment and our community,” adds Isaacson.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: New Horizons Enterprises, LLC, (New Horizons) provides innovative solutions to environmental problems from consulting to remediation. In the environmental services market, New Horizons fills the void created by impersonal, costly environmental consulting and contracting companies by providing cost-competitive, personalized solutions. This allows clients to solve difficult, costly environmental problems in the most efficient manner. New Horizons also provides Women Owned Business solutions to many municipalities, governments, and private sector clients that seek to use small businesses to meet their goals instead of large corporations. New Horizons has locations in Kansas City, Missouri, and Lincoln, Nebraska. Addition information about New Horizons is located at www.NewHorizons-llc.com. END

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