First Fridays Art Exhibit by JT Daniels "AMO" - June 7th at Kultured Chameleon Gallery

JT Daniel's 1st solo exhibition entitled "AMO" opens Friday evening June 7th and will run through the month of July at the Kultured Chameleon Gallery - 1739 Oak St.

An artist's sketchbook can be as private as a middle school girl's diary for some. Within each book the pages are filled with emotions transformed into lines, laundry lists of endless tasks and the blue prints for master pieces to come. When I began to curate an exhibit of JT Daniel's work I was immediately drawn to the small sketches in his black book. I got lost in all the details and symbols that were layered in each composition. I thought there would be a lot of value to share the sketchbook work on the walls of the gallery so that people could get a glimpse inside the head of an artist and reveal an extra insight into the work. Through his illustrative process he tells a story of love, spirituality, inner struggle and desire, that I think everyone can relate to.

Here are the definitions of the five major icons that repeat and carry significant meaning in JT Daniels' drawings:

ICONOGRAPHY: This pertains to some of the repeated designs or icons that can be found in the majority of my drawings.

Diamonds- The sanctuary in the church that I attend has windows, all of which are lightly tinted stained glass and in the shape of a diamond. Seeing as how I used to work evenings in the church for almost 9 months, the window's always fascinated me as they lit up the room with an almost ominous, warm glow as the sun would set before my shift was over.

Hooded Women- I started off trying to draw the Virgin Mary as quickly as possible, with as little of detail as possible because I wanted to hide her in my drawings. There are always stories of the virgin mary appearing in the shape of potato chips, water stains on walls, pieces of toast and etc. I'm not catholic, but these forms of religious tradition intrigued me. It helped to add, what my grandmother coined, the "where's Waldo" facet to my designs. Later on, though, i began to add burmese, ethiopian and persian women to the drawings. Their outfits and attire are stunning, alluring and a lot of families from these cultures have been popping up in the neighborhood that I work in recently.

Cupcake- The struggle of the inner me. It expresses my utter desire or lust for all the things that aren't good for me, both physically and spiritually.

Spirits/spectre's/soulless bodies- Relates to how, as a christian, I believe that we're lead by the holy spirit, but they also represent the subconscious and how we can be guided by those "feelings" or notions within ourselves

Artist Info: Website - Facebook – Instagram -

Opening Reception : Friday June 7th, 5:30-930PM Music provided by : DJ Spinstyles & Joc Maxx

Kultured Chameleon Gallery 1739 Oak St, KCMO 816-974-8278 /

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