MAREI’s KC North Meeting 6/6/13

MAREI (Mid-American Association of Real Estate Investors) invites you to attend out KC North Meeting Thurday June 6th 2013.

Have you ever been told “focus on your strengths, the money will com?”
Sounds great, but how much of your current business really focuses on ONLY your strengths? What if you could wake up every morning knowing that you’re only going to do the things that you’re most passionate about? Do you think you’d wake up differently than you wake up now? What if we told you that you could make more money by not doing things that you aren’t totally pumped up about doing, without costing any additional money to hire others to do the work for you? Shaun McCloskey has bought and sold hundreds of investment properties. He has turned the art of the short sale into a science that virtually anyone can do by creating a system that is fool proof. And by combining the short sale strategies with his Joint Venture Techniques he can do more deals with less time and other peoples money. Join us on Thursday Night June 6th at the Northland Meeting and come prepared to take notes because this presentation is not a part of the Saturday Seminar, but rather in addition to the Saturday Seminar. The Highlights of the Presentation Include: -Learn how to start leveraging other peoples time and expertise to help you make more money in 2013 that you ever thought possible. -Shaun will go into great detail and teach you four specific “game changer” Joint venture strategies that he has personally implemented in his own business. These strategies have earned him more than $42,000 per hour doing what he loved doing! The best part is, it didn’t even feel like work! - also learn how to implement joint ventures in your own business, freeing you up to work on what you love the most. -Learn how to use joint ventures to get unlimited access to fudns for all of your real estate deals, regardless of your current income, credit or experience. -How to create an entire real estate business in literally ONE HOUR PER WEEK using joint ventures. (No one is teaching this right now!!!)

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