Kickstarter project supports midwest hip hop artists

The goal of the i’mINDY Tour Kickstarter project is to generate funds to press 50,000 CDs of an i’mINDY tour mix-tape of 20 artists across 20 cities during Summer 2013. We also hope to use any funds over an above our goal to help our artists with travel expenses incurred during the tour.  The idea of the i’mINDY tour and the 50k imINDY tour mix-tape CDs was born out of the desire to create an event in which independent music artists are able to band together to create a tour and take that opportunity to excel their musical career or take it to the next level.  Artists will be performing in their home city and are welcome to perform in other cities if they can afford the travel or if the Kickstarter is successful enough to fund their travel. Each artist will be part of a imINDY tour mix-tape where we're going to press up 50,000 CDs, where most will be given away by i’mINDY street teams or given to the artists to sell to help fund their travel expenses. Each artists would have one track on the mix-tape. Currently we have tentative tour dates in Des Moines, Iowa City, Omaha, Lincoln, Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Twin Cities, Fargo, Colorado Springs, Tulsa, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, San Jose, Sacramento, Denver. Current artists include: Skatterman (Kansas City), Drisker (Bay Area) , Floss Gang (Bay area including: E Dub , Peanut aka Nustofly, Jimmy Swagg, Cleetus Kassiody, Taxfree), Nikko McFadden (Sioux Falls), Illchild (Omaha), Joey Ashby (Des Moines), Snug Brim and many more to come.

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