Introducing Kansas City's Only Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Clinic

We are excited to introduce ourselves to the community! Sarah Dominguez, PT, MSPT, CLT, and Jennifer Cumming, PT, MSPT, CLT, recently opened Foundational Concepts, a specialty physical therapy clinic focusing exclusively on pelvic floor dysfunction and women’s health. Foundational Concepts is Kansas City’s only physical therapy clinic specializing specifically in pelvic floor dysfunction.
Jennifer and Sarah are both passionate about women’s health and the important role that physical therapy can play in better health. We have treated many women over our years of practice and have seen amazing results with decreased pain, decreased leaking, and sometimes an ability to avoid or postpone surgery and extra medications. We have experience treating women from their teenage years to late in life for pelvic pain, pain with sex, urinary leaking, and constipation. Often women see us during or after pregnancy, after surgery, or after being diagnosed with pelvic dysfunction. Pelvic floor dysfunction can include urinary incontinence after having a baby or after surgeries such as prostate, hysterectomy, or other abdominal surgeries, fecal incontinence, or pelvic pain. Pelvic pain can be wide-ranging from tailbone pain after a fall to pain with sex. Diagnoses can include dyspareunia (pain with sex), vulvodynia (vulvar pain), vaginismus (vaginal pain) in women or prostatitis (pain in sexual organs) in men. Very few clinics treat pelvic floor dysfunction and now Kansas City has a clinic specializing in these diagnoses.
We have 20 years of combined experience treating pelvic floor diagnoses. We joined forces in March 2013 to open Foundational Concepts so we could focus exclusively on helping people that experience the sometimes embarrassing symptoms that accompany pelvic dysfunction. Jennifer and Sarah are both mothers of 3 young children who have strong ties to the Kansas City region. Sarah grew up in the Kansas City area and now lives in Prairie Village. Jennifer moved here with her family 2 years ago and lives in the Northland. Foundational Concepts is located in Prairie Village, KS, at 75th and State Line in the Capital Federal Building. Please call 913-432-3950 for more information or to schedule an appointment. You can learn more by visiting our website:

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