Pop Culture Comix is teaming up with Harvesters ,The Community Food Network, and will sponsor a food drive, Saturday, May 4th in conjuction with FREE COMIC BOOK DAY from 10 to 5 at the store. Donations received through the drive will help Harvesters network feed those in need throughout Kansas City.. In appreciation for your donations, you may take 1 extra FCBD book for every item you donate to Harvesters . It is sometimes difficult to believe that hunger exists in Kansas City. Most people think of hunger in terms of famine and mass starvation which are terrible tragedies, but not something that affects people every day in our own community. Hunger in our community is often more subtle, like a child who stuffs his pockets during lunch at school so he has food to eat at home in the evening. It is a parent who may be ironically overweight, because sugar and carbohydrate-laden foods are often the least expensive at the local store. It is a senior citizen who goes without food in order to buy medicine, further jeopardizing their already fragile health. The reality is that there are hungry people in Kansas City. Harvesters agencies provide assistance to nearly 60,000 people every week. And fully half of those are children and the elderly. Your much valued contribution on FCBD means much needed help, and hope, will be available to those who need it. As you head out to visit us on FCBD be sure to grab a few items to show your support. Your generosity makes a difference.

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