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ATCHISON, Kan. (April 1, 2013) Pop-Up Body Art is a Public Art exhibit that will take place in Atchison Kansas Friday April 26th. Public art captures the eye and mind of someone passing through our public spaces. Public artwork is meant to be seen, but its power is experienced. The purpose behind public art is to enrich the community by evoking meaning, providing perspective and inspiring higher thought about the community. Public art leads to positive community norms, invites people to come together who might not otherwise come into contact with each other and helps to build a communities identity and pride. Through the element of surprise and curiosity the Atchison Art Association, sponsors and artist will initiate an exchange of ideas through the Pop-Up Body art exhibit. It is a shared conversation, both viewer and participants are encouraged to ask and answer vital and primary questions about who we are, what is possible, what inspires us and what we value as a community. The Pop-up’s are an exhibit and an event that will run the entire 2013 season. We intend to spread our message to other towns and events. Our mission at the Atchison Art Association is to promote the understanding and value art has in creating a healthy, vibrant and progressive community. This event is intended to encourage civic dialog, social interaction, attract attention, produce economic benefits and enhance the public appreciation of art. The Pop-Up Body Art event is a prelude to The Atchison Art Association Open Air Fair. This is a European-style open market were the exchange of ideas, innovations and creation happen. It’s about creation, communication and community in all forms with a wide scope. This event will feature booths by Artists/Artisans, Farmer/Growers, Vintage/Repurposed items (aka funky junk) and community Organizations along with performance art, interactive booths, live music, and demos from our artists. At 10:00 Theater Atchison will present Pete the Pint Sized Pirate a plav the publis is sure to enjoy!
From 1:00-2:00pm Naturalist, photographer, artist, Carla Wick will give her informative talk, 'The World Beyond Morels'. As a renowned mycologist, Carla is credited with the discovery of 23 new species of fungi for our area. Her photos have graced the cover of Mycology Today. Her extensive knowledge of local bio systems will help you determine prime locations for finding a delicious array of wild mushrooms. You won't want to miss this fabulous opportunity to learn about all the wild SAFE edible mushrooms in our area. Also, be sure to stop by Carla's booth to check out her amazing leather work, pottery, photography and her wonderful cd! The Society for Creative Anachronism will be re-creating the arts, skills, and traditions of pre-17th-century Europe. Participating members at this event will include a leather worker, a lucet cord weaver, a tablet weaver, hand sewing (as it was done in the Middle Ages), an amour maker, and a calligrapher/illuminator/ HENNA artist! All together there will be approximately 10 members of this dedicated organization demonstrating their skills at the Open Air Fair. Lithium and Engelwarp will entertain the crown throughout the day with captivating side show acts which may include a 4 ¼ foot boa constrictor. Prepare to be amazed by their show stopping performance at the end of the fair! At 5:00 Lithium & Ingelwarp will give their unique stage performance that fuses fire, light, and dance, sure to captivate all who watch! The Atchison Art Association is excited to announce an extraordinary artistic endeavor. The Artist Box LLC will be hosting a glaze pottery firing during the Open Air Fair. Ronda Crossland with the help of Doug Waller will dig a pit on the bank of the Missouri River and build a kiln above it. The public is encouraged to gather around to observe and ask questions as they stoke the fire with different types of wood and combustibles that subsequently alter the color effects of the ceramic objects. The flames reach a temperature 1,400 degrees before the firing is completed. Then the artists will bring the temperature back down, open up the kiln and expose the beautiful finished pieces, each one a distinctively unique surprise.

Also, we are pleased to welcome “The Treeslayer"to the Open Air Fair! Lyn "The Treeslayer" Robinson is a self-taught artisan carrying on the centuries old tradition of wood carving using modern tools. He began carving in 2007 after seeing a chainsaw carver at a local fair. He went home and tried it for himself and the rest is history! He has made his living carving professionally since 2010. All of the Treeslayer's carvings are created using chainsaws and a hand-held grinder for sanding purposes. Some carvings are left "natural" while others are burnt or painted before sanding to help bring out the intricate details in the piece made by the chainsaw.

The Treeslayer uses no special or custom saws. These are the same saws you would buy right off the shelf to cut your own trees with! He uses no special chains, miniature saws, dremels or hand tools.

We hope you enjoy viewing these unique chainsaw carvings on facebook and hope you will check back often to see new pieces that are constantly being added! The Atchison Art Association encourages everyone to come out experience this unique

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