Contact: Sarah Hargreaves President, Kansas City Atheist Coalition 816-726-2577

Contact: Josh Hyde Vice President, Kansas City Atheist Coalition 913-424-3677


KANSAS CITY, MO -- A local non-profit, the Kansas City Atheist Coalition (KCAC), will participate in the 25th annual Kansas City AIDS Walk Saturday, April 27. AIDS Walk KC raises awareness and funding for local AIDS service organizations that provide shelter, emergency services, medical care and long-term nursing care to the women, men and children living with HIV/AIDS in the Kansas City area.

"We had such a fantastic time participating in AIDS Walk KC last year, we knew we wanted to do it again," said Sarah Hargreaves, president of the Kansas City Atheist Coalition. “Not only were our members eager to contribute to the extremely worthy cause of fighting HIV and AIDS, they really appreciated the opportunity to participate in this event as ‘out’ atheists, and walk alongside members of the Kansas City community demonstrating our values of secularism and humanism.”

Josh Hyde, KCAC’s vice president, said, “The organizers of AIDS Walk KC were really welcoming of us from start to finish last year. When they were announcing all the groups as they completed the walk, what they said about us was: ‘And we’d like to thank no one’ (rather than ‘we’d like to thank God’) for the Kansas City Atheist Coalition.’ We all thought that was extremely cute and appreciated the organizers’ good humor. It actually made us feel very welcomed and a part of the event.”

Presented by the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City, the 25th annual AIDS Walk KC is a three-mile walk beginning and ending in Theis Park at 47th Street and Oak Street, east of the Country Club Plaza, and is one of the top walks in the country.

"We are hoping to have an even larger turnout than last year," Hargreaves said. "Last year we had more than 40 of our members walk with us and raised over $750 for the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City. This year we have set our fundraising goal at $1,500 and hope to have even more participants join us on Saturday."

For more information, contact Kansas City Atheist Coalition President Sarah Hargreaves at 816-726-2577, Vice President Josh Hyde at 913-424-3677 or Visit the group’s website at

The Kansas City Atheist Coalition is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization. Our mission is to advance atheism through activism, philanthropy, education and the cultivation of a positive secular community.

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