Lantern - The Un-Groupon - Offering a Better Way to Connect With Customers For Just $1

Overland Park, Kansas - April 2, 2013 (Evans Media Group) - Aaron Sloup, co-founder and CEO of tech start up, Lantern Software in Overland Park, today announced his company’s “un-Groupon” approach to consumer daily deals. “Free, Instant and Local sets us apart for the consumer,” says Sloup. “And for businesses, complete control, customization and the ability to offer the same kind of deals they can offer on the mega deal sites like Groupon and Living Social, for just $1 per claimed deal.”

The free app from Lantern (look for the orange and black Lantern logo or search “Lantern Deals” for iPhone or Android) is a location-driven tool that helps users explore locally-owned restaurants, bars, shops, gyms or other businesses within proximity of the user’s smartphone. For consumers, there is no charge to use it or to claim a deal, and the business owner pays just $1 when and if, the consumer actually claims the deal at their business. Unlike “scratch off” or other apps that require you to already be in a business before you can use it or only give you a chance to win, Lantern is for the informed consumer. It displays dozens of deals from scores of businesses all around you, so you can explore new places and know exactly what deal you’re getting.

“Business owners desperately need these new customers, but have often been paying 50% of the earned revenue from a deal to Groupon, Living Social and most other daily deal sites,” said David Compton, co-founder and COO at Lantern. “We found that to be crippling for most small businesses. It was and continues to be a great business model for Groupon, but not so much for the business owner just trying to make ends meet and attract new customers. We developed Lantern as an “un-Groupon” app to be “win-win” for both business owners and their customers.”

Conceptually, the Lantern idea was born back in 2011 when four Cerner employees were looking for a place to eat lunch. The four original founders, Sloup and Compton along with Mark Milligan and Matt Sawka thought there was a Groupon deal nearby, but had missed the window of opportunity to claim it. Thinking they could come up with a better way to offer deals, Lantern was formed and today it is in use by over 70 locally-owned Kansas City businesses.

What makes Lantern unique says Sloup is that “On any given day there is not one or two deals to be had, like Groupon or Living Social, but dozens to pick and choose from and all within proximal distance from the user.” So far restaurants, bars and gyms have been taking advantage of the $1 per claimed deal offering, but salons, cigar shops and coffeehouses are beginning to catch on too.

“Lantern is not just about attracting new customers either,” say David Compton. “ While we’re confident Lantern does this very well, our loyalty program also creates a connection with each of those customers so that the business owner can simply and easily convert new customers into loyal customers. Need to send an offer notification to your loyal customers only? Lantern is the app for that!”

Some sample deals so far include $60 off at Beauty Lounge in Overland Park, Buy One Get One Free Pulled Pork Sandwich at The Rub BBQ in Olathe, $4 off $10 at Coffee Girls in Waldo and $5 off any $15 at Extra Virgin in KCMO. All these deals are available anytime to new customers making it fun and easy to explore new places. Locally-owned businesses can set up through in 5-10 minutes at no charge and be offering deals the same day.

About Lantern Software: Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, Lantern Software is a company dedicated to connecting consumers to local merchants they’ll love. For more information contact Lantern Software at 913.481.5642

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