OneKC for Women Launches New Online Portal - User-Centric Experience Designed to Open Opportunities for Women


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OneKC for Women Launches New Online Portal User-Centric Experience Designed to Open Opportunities for Women

KANSAS CITY, MO (March 25, 2013) — OneKC for Women Alliance announces a new online website portal to better reach and meet the needs of women throughout the Kansas City metro area.

OneKC for Women is comprised of the Women’s Employment Network, Women’s Business Center and Women’s Capital Connection. Through these organizations, women can find employment training, start and grow a business, or help fund a woman-led business.

“This easy-to-navigate site is built to show the role of our individual groups and the way we collaborate to help women achieve success,” says Sherry Turner, president of OneKC for Women Alliance. “This collaboration model helps demonstrate how women can find help and how women can provide help in one place.”

Turner partnered with full-service agency Howerton+White, with a location in downtown Kansas City, to create a more user-centric, vibrant online experience. “It has always been our goal for women to find us easily. Howerton+White has been the perfect partner to assess our market and find the best way to reach our clients,” Turner says. Howerton+White’s creativity and knowledge of how consumers use online tools ramped up our overall brand in a big way, while at the same time strengthening the identity of each partnering group. Now, our design reflects our passion and purpose.”

“Howerton+White’s business model is to give back to the communities we serve. When we decided to have a presence in the Kansas City market, we wanted to find a long-term philanthropic partner that encompassed the same core values we do. We found that partner in the OneKC for Women Alliance,” says Nicole Howerton, Principal at Howerton+White. “We fell in love with the people and mission of these organizations the moment we met and wanted to be part of a group that gives so much to Kansas City,” Howerton Continued.

In addition to the tabbed access to the three organizations, the portal features a user-directed navigation tool that begins with “I want to …” and offers suggestions such as “get a job” and “find qualified job applicants.” These links lead visitors to the corresponding alliance organizations. With this robust tool, additional resources will continue to be added to assist women in the Kansas City region.

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