Spring Season Creates Senior Picture Demand For Kansas City Photographer

Do you remember taking your senior pictures? Of course you do. It was your crescendoing moment of high school fame and glory all wrapped up into one photo. And, chances are good it’s still hanging up in your mom’s living room. It just may be that the demand for senior photos will never go away. That seems to be the experience of one Kansas City photographer who has experienced a tidal wave of demand for senior pictures as the Spring season comes into full blossom.

Kansas City photographer Todd Davidson comments on a couple reasons why the senior picture scene picks up so much this time of year, “These days about 90 percent of all senior pics are done outside. Being a Kansas City photographer, that gives me from Spring till Fall to do 9 out of 10 senior picture shoots. Once the weather gets warm and things start turning green again I get a lot of calls from both procrastinators and early birds alike. If your teenager is graduating in May and you don’t have your pictures done yet, Spring is pretty much your last chance.”

Having kids of his own and with several years experience as a youth pastor Davidson especially enjoys doing senior pictures and welcomes the business. “I love doing senior pictures because you get to capture someone’s entire life - everything they have been and everything they will be - into one picture. And, you get to do it right as they are starting out on their own. It’s priceless really. I think every Kansas City photographer who’s spent a lot of time with teens would agree.” comments Davidson.”

The high volume of senior pictures is a fresh reminder for Davidson of one thing he’s really passionate about as a photographer, authenticity. “Kansas City photographers know the fashion world always creeps into everything,” comments Davidson, ”and not necessarily in a bad way. It just influences everything. The plus side is that it’s brought new ideas into the industry like having studio lighting outdoors which gives us a lot of cool photo options. The down side is that it seems to put pressure on teenagers to be someone they’re not - to go over the top with makeup, hair, you name it. I think it’s best if we just be ourselves. You can be your own authentic self and still be cool. If you can be yourself for your senior picture you’ll probably look more natural and like yourself twenty years from now when you look through your yearbook.”

With a brand new studio and a full crew Davidson is one Kansas City photographer who seems poised to only keep growing.

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