Lawrence prepares for annual Busker Festival

The Freaks, Geeks, Oddballs, and Fools will be back in full force August 22-25, as the Busker Festival returns to downtown Lawrence, KS. Produced by Vodvill Entertainment Company, the 6th annual Lawrence Busker Festival showcases over 20 jaw-dropping acts on the downtown streets of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Buskers, incredible street performers, will do their best to shock and awe in almost every nook and cranny of downtown Lawrence. Sword Swallowers, Flaming Jugglers, Acrobatic Dancers, and Fire Eaters have blown audiences away in the past, and this year looks to be no different. Peter Rabbit, the worlds fastest street percussionist will beat out a wild rhythm on buckets that anyone can move to. Jeremy Mossengren from Australia joins us with his award winning unicycling show. Jeremy is the 7 time World Unicycle Champion (yes, they do have contests for that) and he promises to show us why during his first year with this wild and crazy weekend.

Previous Busker Festival attendees will be overjoyed to see favorite acts return amid the eclectic shops and restaurants of downtown Lawrence. Returning to Busker Festival this year are the crowd pleasing Pogo Dudes. Holding at least 11 World Records, the Pogo Dudes will flip, flop, leap, and bound over 8 feet in the air. Mama Lou Strong Woman also makes her triumphant return the streets of Lawrence to bend bars, rip phone books and break hearts. Another strong gal, Cate the Great, also comes back with her amazing acts of balance and juggling.

About the Acts

MamaLou Stronghold: Lifting Weights and Lifting Spirits

MamaLou is quite the woman. Despite her seemingly harmless and even ladylike name, Mamalou bends stereotypes and breaks molds, literally. She rips phone books, smashes boards, pounds nails with her fists, and lifts weights with her tongue. As a worldwide sensation, MamaLou is an inspiration to women and girls everywhere, proving girls can do anything boys can do, and maybe even better.

The Pogo Dudes: High Bouncing Acrobats

THE POGO DUDES are the most talented and experienced extreme pogo performance team in the world. Jumping over 8 feet in the air on next-generation pogo sticks while throwing down flips and incredible extreme stunts, The Pogo Dudes create crowds in an instant and keep them engaged until the final bounce. These guys go all over the world entertaining and they are glad to be back in Lawrence.

Jeremy Mossengren: One Wheel Fanatic

Jamey has been unicycling for over 24 years and is currently the world champion so it’s no wonder he feels so at ease on unicycles. His skills astound the audience on numerous occasions by fearlessly jumping over a volunteer, jump roping and pedaling with his hands ... just to name a few.

Peter Rabbit: Bucket Beats on the streets

Peter's raw energy and charisma is always on display when he has two sticks in his hands. He can turn any object into a percussion instrument but prefers a selection of white buckets to do the job right. He keeps the beat going no matter what and gets the audience engaged in every move.

About Vodvill Entertainment Company

Vodvill Entertainment Company is one of the Midwest's best entertainment agencies for Variety Acts. For over 25 years they have been providing the best entertainers working today. Vodvill Entertainment Company was started in 1985 by Richard Renner who found the demand for his physical comedy and circus arts show to be more than he could do. Starting with a small group of similar talented friends he has grown the business to a list of over 50 acts that perform all over the country. The roster of artists focuses on variety entertainers and specialty acts. On the roster you will find living statues, hypnotists, comic waiters, balloon artists, magicians, physical comedians, fire eaters, stilt walkers and more. They are booked as strolling performers or stage performers for corporate events, college and university events, state and local fairs and festivals, elementary, middle, and high school events, concerts and theatre shows and other venues. For more information on Vodvill Entertainment Company, go to

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