Neil’s Finance Plaza Makes Decision To Stick To Low Down Payments This Tax Return Season

The back-to-back blizzards that slammed the Kansas City metro last month was a tough run of luck for many companies. Business may have slowed down for many, but there’s one traditional spring wave of spending coming that’s sure to make up for it in one industry - used car sales during tax return season. Despite the usual grab for fresh cash, that often takes the form of matching down payments, Neil’s Finance Plaza has decided to run counter-culture and push for low, rather than high, down payments.

“In the used car industry, everybody knows that when people get their tax return they’ve got a few thousand dollars burning a hole in their pockets. The extra cash provides many buyers with the holy grail of borrowing - a large down payment. Because of that auto dealers often push for large down payments so they can get a cash injection themselves,” comments Neil’s Finance Plaza owner Neil, “we want to try something different.”

Despite the industry’s traditional push for larger down payments in the spring Neil’s Finance Plaza has decided to focus on getting customers a car with extremely low down payments. The strategy is to let people keep their tax return money during the usual used car spending spree without hurting business, thus creating a win-win situation.

“Many dealerships will be saying that if you get a car they’ll match your down payment. They know everybody’s got the extra cash, and and that’s why they make a push for higher up front spending. Our philosophy at Neil’s Finance Plaza is that you should keep your hard earned tax money - we’’ll still get you a car for just 9 dollars down,” says Neil.

With 30 years of tax return seasons under their belts Neil’s Finance Plaza is confident that this decision is best for their customs and their business. In the mean time the office is abuzz as the tsunami of customers begins to hit. “It can be a madhouse, but, normally everybody’s attitude perks up. I’m so proud to always see my employees step up to the task and get the job done,” comments the owner of Neil’s Finance Plaza in closing.

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