Leading Kansas Urology Hospital Announced Optimum Treatment for Renal Cell Cancer by Best Urologists

Overland Park, KS ( kcstar ) February 22, 2013 - Kansas City Urology Care, the eminent urology center has announced an optimum treatment facility for Renal Cell Cancer issues. KCUC promises absolute care by some of the best urologists in the state.

Renal Cell Cancer is a type of cancer of the kidney where a mass grows inside kidney meat. As per statistics, around 32,000 Americans are affected by RCC every year.

"We are always on a mission to provide our patients with the upmost care and the most appropriate state of the art treatments. RCC is one of our special divisions and our dedicated urologists would follow a comprehensive diagnosis for every patient before taking on the treatment route", remarked one of the major officials from the Kansas City Urology Care.

The KCUC personnel further added that they run CT scan, ultrasound or MRI on the suspected patients since it's the most possible way to detect cancer in the patient's body. Other diagnosis procedures undertaken here are blood tests, urinalysis, IVP, chest X-ray, bone scan & x-ray and biopsy of kidney mass at times.

On questions regarding the factors leading to RCC, a seasoned urologist from KCUC detailed that African-Americans are at a higher risk of developing RCC as well as those above 60 years of age. The other associated risk factors as informed are high BP, obesity, exposure to asbestos and hazardous paints and inks, long hemodialysis and some genetic disorders.

"We are ready with all the needed treatment procedures for our RCC patients. However, the treatments are recommended on the basis of the cancer stage, the patient's health and age. Our urologists collaborate with other related specialized doctors whenever needed to provide the patients with the best care possible", shared the spokesperson from KCUC RCC division. As per the spokesperson, the RCC patients here are usually recommended for surgery (Nephrectomy) and the KCUC urologists are equipped to handle simple, partial and radical nephrectomy as well.

"Our other RCC treatment facilities are cryosurgery and treatment through radiation. Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy are provided at advanced stages", revealed another spokesperson.

For further information on the RCC treatment from KCUC you have to log on to http://www.kcurology.com/conditions/renal-cell-cancer.html


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