Overland Park's Tracy Cloughlin receives international inspirational award

Tracy Coughlin Resident of Overland Park and Team Leader of Keller Williams Southland Partners Realty in Belton, MO was the recipient of the 2013 Bob Carter Inspirational Award. She was given this award in front of 8000 of her peers at Keller Williams Family Reunion , Inspirational Breakfast in Dallas on Feb 20th 2013. This is an award that is given each year to a person that exemplifies Inspiration above and has shown extraordinary committment to the Keller Williams Family. The extraordinary part of this story is that Tracy has only been with Keller Williams for 10 months and was responsible for starting a fundraiser for one of KW's office in Des Moines Iowa. Ultimately raising over $50,000 to bring all 60 office members to Dallas and Family Reunion. She says "I just spoke the dream I had for ALL of the Agents to be able to come to Family Reunion out loud, and from ther my Keller Williams Family did the rest!" . The reason they needed a fundraiser was because there is a local Real estate company that is refusing to pay these Des Moines agents commission if they sell a home, they have refused to pay to the tune of over $100,000! The Keller Williams Agents have demonstrated an Integrity that is far beyond a Realtor's Oath. They are putting their clients needs above their own! If the Client wants a home that is Listed by "The competitor", then it is the Realtors obligation to write up the contract, and they did this knowing they wouldnt be paid! Of course Keller Williams is involved in a suit against "the competitor", but in the meantime these Agents are down over $100K! Tracy knew that they probably could not afford the trip to Dallas for Family Reunion so she challenged the other Leaders in her region to step up with her and raise the $50K needed to make that happen! Not only did they do that but at the Actual breakfast where Tracy was honored, the 8000 Keller Williams Agents in attendance raised another $ 107,684,for the Agents in Des Moines in minutes while they gathered! Keller Williams Realty is known for its Culture of Integrity, Giving Back and Always trying to do the right thing! This is just another example of that! What "the Competitor" didnt understand was that they are not just dealling with 60 Agents from a local Des Moines office, They are dealing with an ARMY of 80,000 Agents Internationally! Keller Williams just announced last week that they are officially the Largest Real Estate Company in North America!

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