Crutch Caps Offers Discounts on Superior Crutch Pads This Month

Westwood, Kansas ( kcstar ) February 20, 2013 - For people concerned about a painful crutch experience, Crutch Caps, the Kansas City based company for crutch pads has announced its latest deals on crutch pads for this month. The firm assured of superior quality products only.

"We are glad to announce about our latest deals which will enable our customers to enjoy premium products with amazing savings. The deals are available on all our crutch cushions whether it's underarm pads or grip handles", said the spokesperson from Crutch Caps. "Our current deals have a range from $6 to $10 in savings and you will also find deals up to a $20 discount", he added.

Crutch Caps was established by Brandon Smith whose own wife had a painful crutch experience post her knee replacement surgery. In Smith's words it was her mother in law who came up with the idea of self made crutch cushions which was very helpful for Mrs. Smith on her days of crutch usage. As those home made crutch cushions started getting complements, Smith started his company Crutch Caps. The company is presently offering underarm pads, grip pads and crutch bags in both adult and kid sizes.

Speaking about the product quality, the spokesperson noted that they are focused on providing the customers with only the best products. According to his reports, Smith's team employs high density, patented thick, latex free and body contoured therapeutic foam for cushions for crutches. Cotton based fabric is used over the padding. While speaking about the style quotient of the crutch pads, the firm manager remarked that they always present stylish products with no compromise on the quality.

"You can customize or personalize your crutch pads with us and we are ready to offer you a diverse selection of crutch pads in a wide range of colors and design patterns", stated the manager. The crutch pads here would be available in Bariatric, Aluminum and wood style.

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