Busy Families in Kansas City Save Big with Frugal Froggie

Busy Families in Kansas City Save Big with Frugal Froggie Shop the lowest advertised price for groceries & personal care items

Kansas City, MO—(February 21, 2013) If you are a busy family and need help on saving time and money, then Frugal Froggie is for you. Frugal Froggie does the research for you by reviewing all local and national store advertisements and gives you access to the lowest advertised prices for groceries, pet and personal care products in Kansas City. If you shop at a store that will honor a competitor’s lower price, like Target or Wal-Mart, you will receive a price match to match the lowest advertised price. Instead of going through every store flyer and drive from store to store to get those sale prices, Frugal Froggie provides the list for you. So now you can shop at one store and get the savings from all stores. Beth Beseau, President, said, “As a homemaker and mom, I realize the value in saving money on groceries. This inspired me to create Frugal Froggie to help other families save as well.” The average shopper can save over 20% each week on their groceries by using coupons and taking advantage of advertised sale prices. That could add up to over $1,000 back in your pocket each year. Frugal Froggie charges a small membership fee of $5/month which more than pays for the savings.
To do a price match when you are at the cashier to pay for your groceries, let the cashier know that you have price matches if you are shopping at Wal-Mart. Before the cashier scans the item, let them know that there is a lower price at another store and they will lower the price to the advertised price. To do a price match at Target, after you have purchased your groceries, you have to go to customer service to get your price matches.
The president of Frugal Froggie, Beth Beseau, has been doing price matching and clipping coupons for years. When she lost her job, using price matches and clipping coupons to save her family money became a necessity. She has also used price matching for things other than groceries like a camera and tires. The key to all price matching is that it does need to be the same item and size. And if it is something like a TV, computer, or camera the model numbers have to be exactly the same to get the price match.
The research team at Frugal Froggie always finds the lowest price for grocery, pet and personal needs. So if you don’t have the time or patience to go through every store advertisement to find the lowest advertised prices, use the services of Frugal Froggie. It’s the best five bucks you’ll ever spend!

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