Logs to Literature: Renovation through Renewal, Lawrence Public Library

Matthew Burke 785-424-3537 mburke01@ku.edu

What happened to all those beautiful trees around the Lawrence Public Library?! Logs to Literature (L2L) in cooperation with the Lawrence City Commission, the Lawrence Public Library, the Friends of the Library, and the Lawrence Art Center, calls to “renew the wood” from the felled trees around the Library’s expansion.

L2L saw the need to creatively utilize the felled trees by including a broad a range of our community. Lawrence, Kansas is a Tree City USA* community; we care about what happens to our trees! The goals of this project are 1) To keep the wood from these publicly owned trees in the public realm, and 2) To raise money through the sale of art, for the Friends of the Library.

You can become involved in this community art project. Have you been thinking of making something in wood? Have you ever exhibited a project? Would you like to turn your concern for the removal of the Library trees into action? The more people involved in this project, the better. Though it is facilitated by Matt Burke and Mark Jakubauskas, there is no central author, or voice. We, collectively, become the voice.

“On the bright side, there’s a plan to give them new life — as art.” Sara Shepherd, Lawrence Journal World

“If we can take these and turn them into lumber and turn that lumber into furniture and art, why not, instead of just chopping them up and using them as firewood.” Mark Jakubauskas, project co-facilitator.

The Lawrence Arts Center will host an exhibition of the works. The exhibition is slated for May, 2014.

For more information please contact Matthew Burke mburke01@ku.edu or Mark Jakubauskas mjakub@ ku.edu. Matthew Burke: 785-424-3537 Mark Jakubauskas: 785-766-9954 Lawrence Public Library Expansion through renewal For immediate release/February 2013

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