Kansas City Landscaping Company to Fight Drought with Creative Designs

The City of Fountains has historically been seen as an oasis in a dry land, both economically and agriculturally. The city was by no means immune to the drought and resulting economic slump of the last year yet many local small businesses continue to flourish. 2012 was a record-breaking year for low rain fall in the region. Yet Garden Gate Landscaping looks back on 2012 as record-breaking for growth and looks forward to 2013 for more of the same with creative designs.

While the surrounding regions may be too dry for landscaping, Kansas City has been able to maintain its strong horticultural industry. Known as one of the busiest Midwestern cities in terms of landscaping, Kansas City has supported large numbers of landscaping companies up until last year when drought closed the doors of many small businesses. Yet Garden Gate Landscaping will be implementing new strategies in the coming year to maintain the strong economic growth of last year.

“2012 affected everybody in the Kansas City landscaping industry,” Candillo states, “But what many saw as a threat I chose to see as an opportunity. Some people don't consider a dry spell as a time to landscape but you don't need water to build paths, walls, and patios. I hear people worrying that this Summer will be a repeat of last year. We did well then and I believe we will do well again this year, whether the drought breaks or not.”

The drought of 2012 is being compared to the nation-wide drought of the 1930s. Forest fires have raged, bodies of water have fallen to record lows, and plant nurseries are going bankrupt in many parts of the country. Experts say the full affect of the drought will not be fully grasped for several years. But while some cities are giving up on their landscaping Kansas City residents have benefited from the wisdom of professional landscapers, keeping their plants and the industry alive.

Candillo credits proactive methods and creative designs for the success of his clients and his business. He believes that in the area of landscaping Kansas City offers unique options in the midst of drought.

“Many Midwestern cities cannot maintain the landscaping Kansas City is capable of supporting. Plus, during a drought, a professional Kansas City landscaper should have practical ways to reduce or prevent the death of trees and plants. And this year Garden Gate will offer creative landscape designs that include low-maintenance or even water-free horticulture and rockscape. These strategies will drastically reduce the impact of drought and remain eco-friendly regardless of rain-fall.”

Candillo founded Garden Gate Landscaping in 2000 and he worked to earn a degree in Horticulture while running the business. He claims to have seen his share of thick and thin seasons and is determined to deliver the best landscaping Kansas City has to offer. An undaunted spirit appears to have served him well. Here's to that same spirit safeguarding Kansas City as an oasis of the Midwest.

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