Kansas City, MO – February is Heart Health Month and heart disease is the leading cause of death in the developed world. Statistics show that fifty percent of people hospitalized for heart attacks have normal cholesterol and fifty percent of those had no prior symptoms. By the time symptoms manifest, the disease process may be eighty percent complete. Health expert, Bethany Klug, DO, introduces the Beyond Cholesterol program to identify markers of early heart disease including genetics that increase your risk of heart attack, diabetes and stroke.   Klug and cardiac nurse, Suzanne Baldwin APRN, developed the Beyond Cholesterol program when they discovered that traditional methods of detection and diagnosis were ineffective without a comprehensive screening. There are 400 risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Most doctors monitor only five of them: total, good, and bad cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar.   “The earliest stages of coronary artery disease,” says Klug, “before an arterial plaque calcifies, are the most dangerous. This soft plaque can easily break off and block an artery leading to heart attack and stroke. The good news is that blood markers, genetic testing and special ultrasound screens can detect early signs of disease and identify other risk factors beyond cholesterol. Early detection and a simple yet systematic program of prevention is the best way to maintain cardiovascular health.”   Klug recommends that a comprehensive screening program address the following issues:   •Should you be taking aspirin for prevention? Only if you have the right gene. Otherwise taking aspirin increases your risk of gastrointestinal bleeding 15 times.   •Should you be taking a statin? Only if you have the right gene. If not, there are better ways to reduce your cholesterol.   •Did you know that high HDL isn't always protective?   •50% of heart disease risk is environment. Find environmental markers that you can change to reduce your risk.   •Despite normal cholesterol, you may have genes that double your risk of heart attack and stroke. Screen for these genes so you can take an aggressive approach.   •Few doctors measure a hereditary protein that doubles or triples your risk of heart attack and stroke. No drug exists to lower this protein, but certain supplements and hormones can reduce it and your risk to normal levels.   •Your heart may be under stress long before symptoms of heart failure appear. Test for markers of heart stress so you can take action to stop or possibly reverse the progression to heart failure.   •Measurements of a chemical secreted by atherosclerotic plaques, will help you identify, stabilize and possibly reverse coronary artery disease in its early stages.   •Reassured by a coronary calcium score (Cardioscan) of zero?  Don’t be. You may have soft, non-calcified arterial plaque which is more likely to break off and cause a heart attack or stroke than calcified plaque. Screen to detect soft plaque. The Beyond Cholesterol program includes: •Body Composition Analysis •Cardiovascular System Exam •Advanced Biomarker Screening * •Cardiovascular Wellness Screening as indicated by history, genetics and biomarkers * •FMMS recommendations •Nutritional supplement and judicious medication recommendations Beyond Cholesterol is a holistic program that focuses on nutritional supplement support and judicious medication as well as right food, right movement, right mind-state and right sleep (FMMS), to reverse the causes and conditions that give rise to heart attack, diabetes, stroke and other chronic disease. “Our goal,” says Klug, “is to help you stabilize, prevent and even reverse existing disease.     XXXXX

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