Student Non-Profit Raises $2700 over Chinese New Year for Disaster Relief

The Youth Hope Fund (YHF), a student-run non-profit organization, recently attended the KCCAA Chinese New Year’s celebration at the JCCC. However, their purpose was more than just to have fun. In fact, these teenagers, ranging from ages 12-18, were raising funds for in order to help those in need. While there, they set up two events for the visitors. One was a silent auction, led by Kevin Li, in which Chinese paintings, tea, books, and fans were auctioned off in the VIP room. Frank Li supervised the second event in the lobby area of the main JCCC building, where YHF volunteers sold raffle tickets to audience members for a 60/40 raffle. Whoever had their ticket drawn would win 40% of the total amount of money made from the raffle tickets, but this year’s winner of the pot graciously donated the money back to the YHF, which was very beneficial for the charity. In total, the YHF earned more than $2700 from the two fundraiser events at the celebration.

The Youth Hope Fund, founded and led by Olathe Northwest senior Cassie Wang, is a special organization because they provide aid not only to local communities, but also to locations abroad. In just a year and a half, the YHF has over raised over $11,000, all of which has been donated to various charitable causes. For example, in the fall of 2012, YHF volunteers raked leaves during two fundraiser events: one at the Diastole house, and another at several local houses. Throughout the summer and fall of 2012, the group took three service trips to Joplin, MO and donated $3000 to Rebuild Joplin, helping cover costs for lost homes, as well as a trip to an earthquake stricken international sister school in China, KC Friendship. So far the group has granted 24 scholarships to students at KC Friendship School.

With the New Year beginning, the Youth Hope Fund plans to do more fundraisers and more volunteer work, whether it be locally or abroad. If you’re interested in generously donating to the YHF or getting involved with the charity, please visit Remember, every penny donated to the Youth Hope Fund will go to helping the local or the international community.

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