Infusion Expres opens in Lee's Summit

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Thanks to celebrities like Rihanna, infusion therapy has gained some national attention. In addition to vitamin infusions like those received by the pop star and her famous colleagues, patients battling chronic disease and illness also receive IV therapy. Infusion Express, an outpatient IV therapy clinic, is responding to the growing demand. It opened its doors in Lee’s Summit in January 2013 and has plans to open additional offices in Southern Johnson County and Midtown later this year. An open house is scheduled on Feb. 21 from 1:30 to 6:30 p.m. with a ribbon cutting ceremony beginning at 1:30 p.m. The event will take place at the clinic’s Lee’s Summit location.

“We are surprised by how many people have either received an infusion themselves, or know someone who’s received infusion therapy,” said Don Peterson, CEO of Infusion Express. “As healthcare changes, one thing is certain – patients want convenience and affordability. Our infusion clinic offers that – and much more.”

The infusion therapy demand grows

When most think of infusions, a hospital bed or chemotherapy chair comes to mind. However many patients are prescribed infusion therapy by physicians, even if never admitted to the hospital.

“As infusible drugs, vitamins and minerals continue to hit the market, IV therapy is becoming a viable and even preferred means of treatment,” said Robert C. Newth, MD, medical director of Infusion Express.

Some of the most common conditions treated with IV therapy include: •Rheumatoid arthritis •Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis •Genetic disorders •Low iron •Post-surgical treatment (antibiotic therapy) •Pain management •High-risk pregnancy

In addition to disease management, patients receive IV therapy for wellness, too. As reported by ABC News’ Good Morning America, “More and more exhausted Americans are hitting private clinics for a ‘pick me up,’ getting hooked up to a vitamin IV, an energy-boosting cocktail infusion.”

Outpatient infusion therapy – closing the Medicare gap

A host of home-infusion therapy organizations employ traveling infusion nurses who administer IVs and drugs to patients at home. Despite this convenience, many with Medicare experience a coverage gap. As Laura Landro of the Wall Street Journal wrote in As IVs grow, Medicare Patients Miss Out:

“Medicare, under its two-year-old Part D program, covers only the drugs administered intravenously -- not the pharmacy and nursing services, supplies and equipment that make up roughly half the cost of home-infusion therapy,” wrote Landro. “The federal insurance program for older or disabled people says it doesn't have the authority to cover costs beyond the drugs themselves. While some Medicare beneficiaries who don't have supplemental coverage can get drug infusions at an outpatient facility, most have to be admitted to a hospital or nursing home, where they are covered under Medicare hospitalization benefits.” Medicare patients seeking to avoid the hospital and find an outpatient infusion clinic with the comforts of home may request IV therapy at Infusion Express.

Healthcare designed around a patient’s schedule

Infusion Express is a safe infusion therapy center that offers IV therapy on nights and weekends. Patients sit in leather recliners while served free drinks with entertainment options ranging from iPads, televisions, eReaders and more. Spa services are also available on-site.

“We created a clinic where you can get an infusion, play on an iPad, and even schedule a massage while you’re here,” said Peterson. “Need a Saturday infusion? No problem.”

Grand Opening of Infusion Express

Grand Opening of Infusion Express is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 21 at 1:30pm. The Lee’s Summit Chamber of Commerce will lead a ribbon cutting ceremony. Tours of the infusion clinic will be available as well as complementary refreshments and a door prize drawing.

Infusion Express – Lee’s Summit Clinic 3483 NE Ralph Powell Rd. Lee’s Summit, MO 64064

About Infusion Express

Infusion Express is a spa-like outpatient infusion therapy clinic in Lee’s Summit, MO with evening and Saturday hours. Most major insurance plans accepted. To schedule an appointment for IV therapy or learn more about Infusion Express, call (816) 272-0174 or visit to request an appointment online.

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