Mild Winter Brings Big Business to Overland Park Auto Detailing Company

Birds are singing, plants are budding, and bees are buzzing as the Kansas City area enjoys a foretaste of spring this January. The warm weather has delivered a jump-start in the annual spring cycle bringing early life and growth to more than local wildlife. One Overland Park auto detailing business, KC Detailing, is reporting record-breaking growth in business during what is usually their slow season in the year.

Taking advantage of the ideal weather conditions, KC Detailing has been able to generate more revenue in the first month of the year than in any previous winter. Cold weather conditions usually car owners won’t be washing or waxing their cars. This creates a seasonal lull in business for the auto detailing industry - especially for those that offer mobile services. But the mild temperatures and sunny conditions this January have created an exception. And business is booming.

“It's been the busiest January in our history,” comments KC Detailing’s operations manager, Isaac Anderson, “This time of year is always the slowest in the auto detailing industry but 2013 has been a pleasant surprise. We’ve been slammed with business. People don't normally detail their cars in the middle of winter because of the snow and dirty roads, but the warm weather and sunshine has changed that.”

The auto detailing industry in Overland Park and the surrounding cities is heavily dictated by the seasons with winter usually being the slowest. Since these types of businesses are reliant on the weather conditions for their livelihood the warm weather has translated to an increase in revenue.

The warmer weather has done more than give KC Detailing a boost in revenue - it’s made the work itself easier. “We have a controlled-climate shop that we keep open year-round,” says owner Tim Dodd, “but our mobile fleet simply can't wash cars when it's below freezing. Our auto detailing products won't work. And if an auto detailing tech's hands are freezing he won't work as well either,” chuckles Dodd. He goes on, “A warm winter is welcome to me and to my employees. Not only are we able to keep our mobile auto detailing services going but we are seeing fewer days off from bad weather. My employees like that. The sun is shining and the phones are ringing, and we're happy to have it that way.”

Winter isn't over and the enduring Spring weather is still weeks away. The weather cycle may be off-beat but it isn't broken. Still. while the mild weather lasts, KC Detailing is one Overland Park auto detailing business that will be taking advantage of the winter work. “Regardless of if it's cold or not, as long as the thermometer is above freezing we offer full mobile services throughout the year,' says Dodd, “And whether it's freezing or not our climate-controlled shop is always open.”

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