LocalStart.org launches online resource identifying local retail products

Richard W. Shipley r.shipley@localStart.org 913.730.0164

LocalStart.org recently launched their online project Made in KC. The project is an online resource identifying retail products made in the greater Kansas City and surrounding area. LocalStart.org, a not for profit organization working on economic improvement and job creation, built the site as a resource for people to use when shopping so they may choose to buy more products made in the greater Kansas City area and grow the local economy. The not for profit is also in the planning phase for a festival set to take place this summer. Whats Made in KC will be a celebration of the products made in the Greater Kansas City and surrounding areas.
Localstart.org’s founder and CEO Richard W. Shipley had these comments behind the conception of the project. “We always hear “buy local” but it often refers to produce. We wanted to take it step further and see what was local to Kansas City. What we found was that there was no clear resources for finding it. So we decided to build one. It has taken us almost 10 months to gather the data that we have now and we’re on a real roll with collecting it. We hope that by putting the information into one space people can more easily connect with the companies around us and with that connection grow our local economy. After all, that isn't just a product on the shelf that’s a connection to our neighbors and their careers.”

The project is available on LocalStart.org’s website, www.localstart.org and is built to run best on mobile devices. The not for profit is in development of an app for the project and hopes to have it out soon.

LocalStart.org is entering their fundraising season and is currently seeking contributions to further their projects. “We’re very optimistic about the future of the project and its positive effects on our local economy. We are currently seeking the funds to take this to the next level and really make an impact.”

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