Eat at Home Missouri website website promotes healthy lifestyle

The Eat at Home Missouri website seeks to encourage consumers to eat together as a family, help people plan better meals, and prepare healthier choices.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Obesity has become a raising concern in America. For instance, the National Center for Health Statistics states that obesity rates have more than doubled in adults and children since the 70’s. In addition, employed Americans work an average of 7.5 hours per day on weekdays, according to the Time Use Survey published in 2010 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These two factors have a direct effect on people eating unhealthy and expensive food on the go.

As a response to these issues, Missouri Grocers Association has created the Eat At Home Missouri website in order to fight back the alarming numbers of obese people and promote family values. According to Janelle Haik, Communication and Events Coordinator, “the objective of this website is to provide consumers a learning resource so they can learn how to cut calories from their daily diets, determine the quality of the food they are eating, and become budget friendly.”

Some of the founding pillars that are promoted on the website include that eating at home helps consumers save money, develop healthy habits, and spend more quality time with their family. Consumers can learn how to use coupons at the grocery store. Additionally, it provides entertaining ideas so people can have a good time with their family and friends while cooking and eating together. The website also includes fun activities for kids, diverse recipes, information about the food origin, and meal planners to become more organized in the kitchen.

The Eat At Home Missouri website was launched in Jan. 2013 and it is being promoted through different channels, including local and state events. For instance, a booth with helpful information of the benefits of eating at home will be presented at the Gateway to Smart Living Expo that will take place at the St. Charles Convention Center on Feb. 16 and at the 2013 KGBX Women’s Show at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds E-Plex on Feb. 23.

The Eat At Home Missouri website was created in Nov. 2012 and launched in Jan. 2013.This initiative was developed by Missouri Grocers Association as a response to getting serious about obesity, healthy choices, and increasing family time.

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