Prairie Village Couple Launches First Superfruit Sleep Aid

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Prairie Village Couple Launches First Superfruit Sleep Aid

Made entirely from fruits, Berry Sleepy is a unique, healthy alternative

Prairie Village, KS – 1/30/13 – Over 70 million Americans suffer from insomnia, at least occasionally. As young parents, Gregory and Adrienne Doring quickly found themselves in that population. After experimenting with a variety of unsatisfactory offerings, they created Berry Sleepy for themselves and others. Berry Sleepy comes in capsules and is comprised entirely from three superfruits: Goji Berries, Passion Fruit and Montmorency Tart Cherries. More than 50 scientific research studies confirm these superfruits have important sleep and health benefits.

“While there were plenty of natural sleep aids on the market, I was disappointed to find that nothing was truly good for me. After a friend shared that a few fruits around the world could aid in sleep, we started experimenting to see if we could create a unique and effective product,” said Gregory Doring.

The Dorings worked with nutrition experts and pharmacists to create samples to test themselves while also sharing samples with others who suffered from sleep problems. The responses they got from their “guinea pigs” were overwhelmingly positive. Those taking Berry Sleepy find that it naturally supports falling asleep faster, staying asleep longer and waking up refreshed with no grogginess.

"Before taking Berry Sleepy I was consistently waking up at least two to four times a night. When the alarm would finally go off, I was often groggy and felt that I received little rest. That all changed when I began taking Berry Sleepy. I take two capsules fifteen to thirty minutes before going to bed and I sleep through the night until my alarm goes off. Upon waking, I feel energized and not the least bit groggy. This stuff is great and I recommend it highly!” said Chris Ellman of Lee’s Summit.

"As a teacher, it is often hard to fall asleep after a full day. I’m tired enough, to be sure, but my mind won’t stop spinning! Berry Sleepy helps me relax and peacefully fall to sleep. I wake up feeling rested, not groggy!" said Megan Gearheart of Prairie Village. opened for business January 17th. Set up for e-commerce, the site sells 60 capsules of Berry Sleepy for $39.97. Add coupon code "Healthy Sleep" for $5 off at checkout. Accompanying the product is a 110%, no hassle, money-back guarantee. To learn more about Berry Sleepy, visit the website. You can also engage with the brand on Facebook (, or follow the brand on Twitter (@realberrysleepy).

Contact Information: Gregory Doring: Phone: 913.461.6143

Adrienne Doring: Phone: 785.760.1009

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