Juicing Class at The Lark Inn in The Flint Hills

Contact: Pat Larkin 620-273-1135 Info@TheLarkInn.com

Kris and Pat Larkin of The Lark Inn Guesthouses in Cottonwood Falls, held their first ever Juicing Class last Sunday afternoon.

The class was appropriately named “Juicing 101 at The Lark Inn” as it was a time to orient and teach people about juicing. “Many people have misconceptions about juicing” Kris Larkin said. “But think of the vitamins and nutrients you can put into your body with juice; One typical 16 ounce juice has about 4 carrots, 2 apples, a few stalks of celery and parsley which go into it. There is no way that I could eat that many fruits and veggies to get all of those nutrients . . . and that is only one juice! Think of it if I wanted to try and “eat” the nutrients of three juices in one day . . . you just can’t do it!“

“As I tend to always do with my gourmet cooking classes; my goal is to help introduce healthy eating habits to our participants” Larkin said. “Juicing will literally “reboot” your metabolism and if done consistently, will allow the body to do what it does best . . . heal itself. There are countless studies and testimonials of people out there who juiced consistently over varying periods of time whose immune systems were repaired, blood pressure and cholesterol issues went away, Psoriasis cured . . . literally a plethora of examples of the body healing itself . . . and . . . throw in the side benefit of healthy weight loss . . . juicing is a win, win, win!” “Of course, it is always a good idea if you have serious health issues, to consult your doctor before embarking on a full-on juice fast.”

The Larkins have been juice enthusiasts for several years. But, those were difficult regimes to follow. Then they watched the documentary: “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” (http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/) which chronicles a 310 pound entrepreneur with a debilitating autoimmune disease on his 60 day juice fast/road trip/journey to miraculously better health and weight loss. “The cool thing about the documentary is that it lays out very simple and flexible ways to juice yourself to health and “Reboot” your system. “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” is available free on line or Hulu or Netflicks to just name a few resources.

“We actually made several different juices in the class” Larkin stated. “Each with it’s own flavor and it’s own mission in your body . . . detoxing . . . skin health . . . healthy liver function and so on, depending on it’s specific mix of fruits and vegetables.”

“Several of our class participants accepted my challenge to a 5-day juice fast. So, starting Monday morning we will be juicing only and supporting each other through this exciting little journey to better health and feeling better.”

Kris and Pat Larkin own and operate The Lark Inn Guesthouses in Cottonwood Falls where they have been providing get-a-way vacations in The Heart of the Flint Hills as well as Gourmet Cooking Classes for nearly two years now. Now they have added their Juicing Classes to their stable of offerings and will continue with them indefinitely. For more information about Juicing Classes, Gourmet Cooking Classes or relaxing in a fully restored 1890’s Prairie House in the picturesque Flint Hills, visit their web site at: http://www.TheLarkInn.com.

Story and Photo by Pat Larkin

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