Missouri Archaeological Society to meet at Lake Ozark

The 2013 annual meeting of the Missouri Archaeological Society (MAS) will be held March 15–17 at the Port Arrowhead Resort in Lake Ozark, Missouri. Established in 1935, the MAS is a nonprofit organization of people who are interested in the prehistory and history of Missouri and who support the Society.

The three-day meeting will provide an opportunity for professional and avocational archaeologists to interact and exchange information with the public. The meeting is an important part of promoting the investigation, preservation, and interpretation of prehistoric and historic remains in Missouri. This helps broaden the constructive attitude toward the remains and cooperation of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Events There are many activities planned for attendees that span the three days it is being held. Friday evening will begin the meeting with a welcome reception and the start of the book sales.

The main attractions will be the different exhibits (artifacts, research presentations, posters), presentations on archaeological topics, and a banquet that will take place on Saturday evening. The banquet will feature Koch Lecturer Dr. L. Mark Raab’s presentation called, The Ancient Mariners: 14,000 Years of Archaeology on San Clemente Island, California. There will also be a silent auction of collectibles, books, and other items running until Saturday along with a publication sale.

Sunday morning will feature two workshops. “Project Archaeology: Archaeology for Children” will focus on helping adults who may have the opportunity to teach or inform children about archaeology. It will cover different skills archaeologists use and more about the field. “All About Artifacts,” will be held concurrently. There will be a short presentation on the chronology of Missouri and local chapters and collectors will have their own exhibits to display. Participants will share and observe different exhibits in hopes to expand the knowledge of the items as well as identify any artifacts. Attendees are encouraged to bring items of any theme, but are asked that they be from registered sites.

Cost and Contact Information The meeting is open to anyone, including MAS members and the interested public. The registration fee is $10, and that includes admission to all the meeting events, with the exception of the cost of food at the banquet ($21). However, those who pay the registration fee may attend Dr. Raab’s lecture during the banquet. The other cost at the meeting is for the “Archaeology for Children” workshop, which will be $15 for the event as well as two take-away books. For more information on the meeting or MAS membership, please contact Lisa Haney at the Missouri Archaeological Society, 901 S. National Ave., Springfield, Missouri 65897 or call (417) 836-3773 or email lhaney@missouristate.edu. Check the website for a PDF version of the registration packet and other details about the meeting at http://associations.missouristate.edu/mas/annualmeeting.html.

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