Serda runs for Wyandotte County 2nd District At-Large seat

Serda Enters 2nd District At-Large Race

City Planner and Community Leader Pledges to Broaden Benefits of Economic Development, Improve Public Safety, Strengthen Neighborhoods and Make Government Accountable

Kansas City, Kansas January 18, 2013: Daniel Serda, a Rosedale resident, city planner and KU faculty member, has entered the race for the 2nd District At-Large seat on the Unified Government Commission.

Serda’s campaign is built around four closely-tied themes:

  • Broadening the benefits of economic development throughout Wyandotte County
  • Enhancing Public Safety and Quality of Life
  • Strengthening Neighborhood Vitality
  • Making local government more transparent, accessible and accountable to citizens and taxpayers “We’ve made tremendous strides in the past decade,” Serda said. “I’m proud to call Wyandotte County home. But we have much more work to do, particularly in finding balance between our on-going community challenges and opportunities. I’m committed to pursuing new, leading-sector development opportunities while supporting established small businesses. We need to be more careful in targeting incentives while expanding our tax base and reducing our local property tax burden. We need to continue providing new housing opportunities, but we also need to reinvest in the housing stock that gives our neighborhoods their amazing character.”

Serda’s professional work focuses on community design and livability. He has contributed his expertise to a variety of local plans and commissions, and has served on the Unified Government Planning Commission since 2009. “Ensuring that every family lives in a safe and healthy neighborhood is going to require a long-term strategy for public safety, and capital investment in livable neighborhoods,” he said.

Last year, Serda served on the Mayors’ Bi-State Innovations Team was a vocal advocate for bridging the digital divide through collaborations among local school districts and major educational institutions. “We need to leverage key assets like Google Fiber,” he said, “to transform economic opportunity and make Wyandotte County a community of choice for businesses and residents alike. Building our tax base and making government operate more efficiently are both key steps in finally overcoming the decades-old imbalance in our property tax rates, which burdens every resident and taxpayer and discourages new investment.”

Serda is a native of Kansas City, Kansas, and if elected, will represent the southern half of Wyandotte County. The 2nd At-Large District includes the Argentine, Armourdale and Rosedale neighborhoods where he and his wife grew up, attended public schools, and are raising their family. It stretches west past Edwardsville to Bonner Springs, where his parents and grandparents resided during the 1950s as migrant farmworkers.

Since 2001, Dr. Serda has taught in the Department of Urban Planning at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. He holds an undergraduate degree in political science from Harvard University, a master’s degree in city planning and a Ph.D. in city design and development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From 2001-2010, he directed the Kansas City Design Center, a joint KU/K-State urban design/community outreach center located in downtown Kansas City, Mo. His professional and academic experience has included service on the boards of various non-profit and civic organizations, as well as public bodies on both sides of the state line.

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