Economic Climate Spurs New Car Care Services For Overland Park Auto Detailing Shop

It’s a new year with fresh expectations and uncertainties - not least of which is the economy. The economic climate is causing people to take a second look at their wallets and how to preserve their investments. In recent months many Kansas Citians have been taking proactive steps in preserving one of their most valued investments - their cars. That’s good news for one Overland Park auto detailing shop, KC Detailing, who’s seen a sudden surge in their unique new car care services.

“We have sold more ‘New Car Preps’ at our car detailing shop in the last two months than we saw all last year,” comments KC Detailing owner Tim Dodd. “People want to protect their investment long term - even if they aren’t auto detailing buffs. After all, cars aren’t getting any cheaper. Our nano-ceramic and teflon coatings can easily add 2 years of life to a car's exterior. With this process we can literally press pause on the wear and tear of a car. Plus, the anti-static properties translate to less washes which means saved time and money in regards to car detailing. People can see it's a worthwhile investment.”

When it comes to wear and tear on autos Kansas City weather can be a formidable foe. Winter roads in the region are covered in sand and salt and when the season changes auto owners battle tree sap, bird droppings, bugs and intense solar heat. That might not bother those who drive a clunker - but if you spent upwards of $80,000 on your car this never ending battle probably makes you cringe. The thought of a preemptive action that can protect cars from various types of damage has become an appealing thought to many who value auto detailing. KC Detailing believes the combination of forced financial prudence with new benefits form auto detailing technologies has been the biggest force behind the surge in their new car care service.

For those still stuck in the Turtle Wax days and have no clue what “nano-ceramic” has to do with paint and wax Dodd offers a sneak peak into the technology. “What’s nano-ceramic?” he answers, “Nano-ceramics are atom-sized particles that bind together on top of the car's exterior to protect and preserve anything they cover. They’re harder than the clear coat of a car, help diffuse heat in the summer. and stop static-cling so dirt and oxidation are minimized. It was developed by German engineers and is just beginning to be used on high-end sports cars. We offer it on new and used cars, but it’s most popular on new cars for preserving the factory look.”

The Overland Park Auto Detailing company is looking for new applications for the technology ranging from commercial feet wrap care to off-road vehicles. Offering customers this service both on site at a customer’s location and at their shop has only given this car detailing company an edge over the competition. The new year is just beginning and is already looking bright for this up and coming auto detailing business. To find out more about KC Detailing’s unique services and products check out their website at

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