Local Kansas Author Releases Young Adult Thriller, Tex, The Witch Boy

Contact: Stuart R. West Email: w.stuart58@yahoo.com Phone: 913-244-5919

Life in high school’s hard enough. There’re the cliques, the never-ending quest for popularity. Dodgeball. And the bullying. But for Richard “Tex” McKenna, Kansas high school sophomore, life’s about to get worse. He just found out he’s a witch. And someone’s murdering the school bullies.

Tex, The Witch Boy is author Stuart R. West’s first young adult thriller in a trilogy. Mr. West, a life-long Kansas resident, set out to write a book that would appeal to males and females of all ages. “I really wanted to get my anti-bullying message out in an entertaining format,” says Mr. West. “The bullying incidents that occur in the book are horrific, but they’re based on true events that happened to me or friends of mine in school. Sadly, as evident by today’s headlines, bullying hasn’t changed over the years. If I can reach teenagers with my message that there’s hope, then I’ve done my job.”

Mr. West based his tale on his years at a local Overland Park high school. “The school’s still there and I imagine the bullying is as well. Of course, the witchcraft and serial killer weren’t part of my high school tenure!”

“The book’s a murder mystery, suspense thriller, comedy, drama, romance, lightly paranormal mash-up. The kind of book I wished would’ve been around during my high school days.”

DDReader gave Tex, The Witch Boy a five star rating on Amazon. She wrote:

"There are a few things I look for in a book in order for it to please me. Tex, The Witch Boy had three of my must-haves: A thrilling puzzle to figure out, believable characters, and witty comic relief.

Tex, Olivia, and the gang truly sounded like authentic teenagers. I have two of them at home, so I'm used to the lingo and the attitudes. West proves to know his way around a high school conversation.

West is a genius when it comes to wit. His prose is full of masterful comedy that lightens the seriousness of the tone of the book. A good laugh really keeps me invested in a good story, and that's what I got with Tex, The Witch Boy."

Tex, The Witch Boy is published by Muse-It-Up Publishing and is available now on Amazon. For more information, visit Stuart R. West’s blog: http://stuartrwest.blogspot.com/

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