Kansas City Photographer To Apply Unique Approach to Family Portraits This Spring

Springtime will soon bring new life, hope and warmth to Kansas City. In no place is this better felt than in our families. School will soon end with a barrage of graduations, reunions will be scheduled and weddings will abound. The essence of life hidden in theses priceless moments and memories will be sweet but, as with all things, will pass. In an age of camera-phones and digital cameras pictures of those memories have become a dime a dozen - along with those who claim to be professional photographers. With the multitude of photography DIY’ers, is there still a place for hiring someone who claims to be a professional? One Kansas City photographer, Todd Davidson, believes the answer is yes. However, he says his company has a plan to deliver what Kansas City families need.

“Kansas City photography is experiencing new innovation like never before,” comments Todd Davidson, “Do your remember taking family pictures as a kid? The felt-cloth and fake landscape backgrounds of the past are long gone. We look back now and think ‘how boring!’ These days family photographs are fun and contextual. All the new technology and gear that’s created such innovation has also had one gigantic negative side effect on the for Kansas City photographers - there are tons of really innovative but impersonal pictures.”

Davidson and his team have a new approach to family photographs this spring that he’s certain his clients will love - even 20 years from now. “Families are looking for more than photographers with lots of tools,” says Davidson, ”they face the daunting task of finding a photographer who will not only document an event, but who will capture their story and make it timeless. Families need someone who can portray the unique characteristics and flavors of each member, who can grab their children's attention and bring out their personality. That’s what families are looking for in photographers and that’s what we can deliver. You can’t do that if you haven’t been in their shoes, and I have.” As a father, a husband to a working-mom, a youth pastor, a musical artist and a business-owner Davidson has stood in the same shoes as his clients and can empathize with their specific needs. This is the secret weapon he feels a lot of DIY’ers, and even professional Kansas City photographers, miss when shooting a family portrait.

Davidson and his team are already getting slammed with calls for outdoor family portraits. They know that getting a family together for portraits can feel like a potential nightmare to clients, even with well-behaved kids. “I would know,” laughs Davidson, “I have two.” But Todd Davidson Photography is confident that bringing their unique, customized services and experience to the family portrait scene this spring will be an enjoyable experience for families and leave them satisfied years from now. To see some portrait examples check out Davidson’s website at http://www.todddavidsonphoto.com/

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