Sharks decide Deal or Not for Kansas City Real Estate Investments

Two key skills for Real Estate Investors are evaluating a deal quickly for profitability and presenting those deals to potential private lenders. These are skills that are easily learned, not by reading a book and memorizing, but rather by practicing on deal after deal after deal. Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors based in Kansas City is hosting two fun filled events to see both skills in action in February 2013.

Deal or No Deal is the theme of the Northland Meeting on February 7th. A Panel of local experts will be sitting down and receiving presentations of real live investment deal and analyzing them in front of the room. They will be asking things like property values, potential rent amounts, repair costs, demographics, investors exit strategies, then evaluating to see if it would be a deal or not.

Find out just what the experts think and take notes to implement in your own investing strategies.

Shark Tank is the theme of the Southland Meeting on February 12th. A Panel of local experts with available funding will be watching deal presentations with the perspective of a potential lender or money partner in the deal. Presenters will be practicing their skills in evaluating their own deal and the presenting it to a potential private lender. Be sure to attend and take notes.

For the new investor seeing others that have been there and done a deal or two is invaluable to the learning process. Seeing and hearing comments and questions live and in action provides a much better perspective than reading about deal analysis in a book or watching on a video somewhere. Plus the fact that these experts and presenters are local real estate investors who they can go to later on down the road with deals and questions means they might just make the key connection they need to put a future deal together.

If you would like to attend these meetings, they are open to the general public for a fee. Please visit our website for more information at

These meetings are being facilitated by Donna Wilson and Laura Bullock of BMW Investment Properties in partnership with Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors. If you would like more information on deal analysis, or to schedule an interview with Donna, Laura or the association, please call 913-815-0111 or e-mail

About MAREInet: Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors is a trade association for Real Estate Professionals located in the Kansas City Metro offering networking, education, and community involvement since 2003. Find them online at

Contact Information: Kim Tucker 913-815-0111

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