Author revises "The world's deepest book of love poems"

Kansas City, MO – January 20, 2013 “I took a good book and made it great” is what Ed Hendricks says of his book "Love, Sex, and Romance: Beautiful Love Poems for the Heart". He goes on to say that he has completely redesigned the cover, added 6 NEW poems, dropped the price by $5.00 and made other changes which he feels has made this book even more extraordinary.

Written in a plain, easy-to-read and understand style, Hendricks likes his poems to be understood by all who read them. He wants the world to open their hearts and minds to the power of love in a way that they may have never experienced before.

And when not writing about deep hearted love, compassion for humanity takes over with the poignant message in "Of Mom and Oprah" and the sentimental tributes he pays to Barack Obama and Alicia Keys in "Yes We Can, Yes I Did" and “The Lady and the Piano”. He even expresses his thoughts on gun control with the powerful senseless violence message of "One Gun". And his tribute to women of the world in the "World Love Poems" section.

About the author:

Ed R. Hendricks is a poet and writer that resides in Missouri. Ed's hobbies are running, cycling, working out and reading.. Hendricks believes in the power and beauty of love and he expresses those in a way that is clear for anyone to interpret. He wants the reader to feel his thoughts about love with him. From the warmth of a summer's day (and night) to loving through space, time, and the stars. Want to go with him? Then read this book and take a wonderful journey of the heart.

Soft cover, 5.5 x 8.5 Approximately 151 Pages ISBN: 0-6156-1130-3 $6.95 retail price

Softcover available at E-book available at

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Authors pages: AND Email: Lsrthebook(at)


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