Devin James Group Secures Mayor James and Community Leaders for Aim4Peace


Devin James Group Secures Mayor James and Community Leaders for Aim4Peace "Let's Work Together" Violence Prevention PSA

In response to the rampant explosion of gun violence in Kansas City, Missouri, the Devin James Group and non-violence advocacy group Aim4Peace partner up with community leaders to put a stop to the cycle of violence.

Kansas City, Missouri – January 15, 2013 – Kansas City, Missouri has long been in the grip of an exploding epidemic of gun violence. As national attention begins to focus on the link between community health and gun use, the Devin James Group and Aim4Peace, the leading local anti-violence advocacy group, have partnered up to put a stop to the cycle of gun violence within the Kansas City community.

Image of Mayor James and Devin James: PSA video link:

Aim4Peace is an evidence-based health approach to reduce shootings and homicides to reverse the violence epidemic within the city. By focusing on the community health issues that promote an environment of gun crime – such as poverty, a lack of housing and poor access to education and jobs – Aim4Peace represents a unique voice in a landscape where gun violence has become an urgent and pressing issue.

By using highly trained violence interrupters, outreach staff, public education campaigns and Neighborhood Action Teams, Aim4Peace seeks to mobilize the community to help those who are considered high-risk in committing violent crimes due to their housing or employment situations.

“There is no upside to violence,” says Sylvester “Sly” James, Jr., the Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri. “It has no place in any reasonable, rational home, and it has no place in any great city.”

In partnering with the Devin James Group, Aim4Peace will be able to increase its brand equity and public perception as they strive to reach out to the Kansas City community. The Devin James Group is a leading local brand management firm, which means Aim4Peace will be able to promote public awareness through branded collateral, potentially a new website, using online marketing, media alerts, and in-depth news coverage.

One such outreach effort has already been achieved, as the Devin James Group recently produced the Aim4Peace “Let’s Work Together” Violence Prevention video. In it, several leaders discuss the crime epidemic within the community, and how housing, poverty, education, and access to jobs can influence violence within the city.

Interviewees include Mayor “Sly” James; Cindy Circo, Mayor Pro Tem/5th District At Large City Council Person; Clyde McQueen, President/CEO of Full Employment Council; Pastor Williams, Calvary Temple Baptist Church; Barry Pener, Owner of Pener’s Menswear; and Devin James, Owner/CEO of the Devin James Group.

“This video represents a unique opportunity to reach out to our corporate community to let them know what they can do to put an end to the violence,” Devin James points out. “We invest millions of dollars into preserving art, building bridges, revitalizing real estate, establishing start-up companies and preventing and treating cancer but neglect to invest in the prevention of the deadliest disease known to the city; Violence.

“I believe we can do more,” he adds. “Together, we can make a difference in stopping the crime epidemic that has gripped Kansas City for so long.”

You can also make contributions to support Aim4Peace at or by mailing donations to:

Mid-America Regional Council ATTN: Aim4Peace Fund 600 Broadway Suite 200 Kansas City, MO 64105-1659


About Aim4Peace: The Aim4Peace program began in 2008 and was originally based on the Ceasefire: Stop the Shooting project in Chicago. Though Aim4Peace currently focuses on the Police Department's East Patrol Division, with continued success the plan will be implemented throughout the City in the future. Aim4Peace is committed to making neighborhoods safer. Read our brochure. You can find more information about Aim4Peace at

About the Devin James Group: The Devin James Group is a leading strategic Brand-Marketing and Communication agency that creates Brand Innovation and drives Social Leadership for clients by Building and Managing their brand, increasing Brand Recognition by generating buzz from Public and Media Relations, and establishing their Brand Equity through Social Media Planning, Website development initiatives, Inbound Marketing (SEO/SEM/SMM), and a successful Brand Strategy for continued growth.

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