St. Louis comedian says thank you to veterans

St Louis based comedian creates a unique way to say “Thank You” to the Military Veterans, Past and Present and has undertaken it as a life long mission. Vernon E. Davis, II who is known by his fans as Longhorn The Comedian, travels the United States and Germany performing stand-up comedy. While performing he always pays a tribute to the military veterans as a part of his show and after the show he is approached by Veterans and family members of Veterans, thanking him for the tribute, they are very appreciative and touched by the tribute. Vernon said “People always say Thank You” to veterans, shake their hands and then walk away. I do the same thing. Yet, I wanted to take that a step further, I wanted to give them something unique that they could hold on to as a Token of Appreciation from people (not only me) who appreciate their service and sacrifice.” This initial idea came up while performing at Fort Riley, Kansas.

While returning from Germany, Vernon(Longhorn) came up with his unique Thank You gift while watching an Army unit returning home from Afghanistan. The one thing ever veteran always has with him is his Dog Tags. With this in mind Vernon(Longhorn) created the Military Tag that reads “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND SACRIFICE YOU ARE APPRECIATED” . Vernon(Longhorn) began talking to veterans that he would encounter and asked them what they thought of the idea. One veteran said “I would wear it with my Army issued tags”, another said “it would be greatly appreciated any token of appreciation is a great token of appreciation”. With this in mind Vernon(Longhorn) created the Military Tags, a Thank You card and website ( to help him with his new found mission.

After receiving support and donations from others that found Vernon’s idea to be worthy and combined with proceeds from his shows and merchandise sales, Vernon(Longhorn) turned his idea into a reality. Vernon (Longhorn) received his first shipment of Military Tags and began giving them away free of charge to every veteran that he has encountered. Vernon(Longhorn) reports “I gave the envelope with the tag and Thank You card inside to one gentleman after seeing his Vietnam ball cap. He opened it and smiled. He then said, “Sir, this just made the hair on my arm stand up, Thank you”. Vernon went on to say, “that reaction is what makes this whole mission worth it”. It is one thing to say “Thank You”, yet it is another to show it.”

Our goal is to provide these tags to any veteran that wants one, or if someone has a family member that they feel deserves one, free of charge. We have also began mailing them to individuals as well. Vernon(Longhorn) says, “This is a labor of love and appreciation, I am a 4th generation veteran myself. This is not something to make me rich, I have a job and a career”, this is a way to give back to the people that have given so much of themselves so that we may be free to live the life that we choose.

If you would like more information or would like to make a donation to Project: Thank You for Your Service, you can go to the website at or contact them by email at

Vernon E. Davis, II / Longhorn The Comedian is also the creator of a website that was created to help new and up & coming comedians understand the business of the comedy.

For more information on Longhorn The Comedian, go to his website

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