Kansas City's Sheila Kemper Dietrich launches Livliga-- Stylish place settings make healthy living easy

(January, 2013) What do you get when you combine sleek, attractive place settings with a Boulder entrepreneur’s vision to find a lifestyle solution to “right-sizing” food portions? You get Livliga, innovative tableware that makes it easy to embrace healthier eating. Livliga is Swedish for LIVELY, VIBRANT or VIVID and is the company’s core philosophy and wish for your life. The products are for everyone who wants a beautiful, yet subtle, way to improve and control their food environment.

Livliga is the brainchild of Sheila Kemper Dietrich, the company’s founder and CEO. Her vision was to create an artisanal suite of place settings designed for a healthy lifestyle and suitable for entertaining family and friends in both formal and informal settings. The proprietary designs on the dishware offer elegant visual cues to appropriate and healthy portion sizes. This initial product launch is a 4 piece place setting, including a dinner plate, salad/luncheon plate, bowl and mug. It is offered in two different patterns.

“Livliga is for everyone who wants an attractive, subtle way to improve and control their food environment,” says Kemper Dietrich. “Whether you’re a mom guiding your children in right-sized eating, a senior monitoring your weight, or a host planning a party to entertain friends, family or business associates, Livliga is the stylish lifestyle solution.”

The simply elegant, intelligent designs embedded in each piece of dishware are specifically created to guide the user in eating a balanced meal in appropriate serving sizes. Our mind and body look for external cues and signals to tell us how much we should eat. The Livliga plate has been right-sized so that when you put the appropriate amount of food on your plate, it looks plentiful and sends positive cues to your brain so that when you have finished eating, you will feel satisfied. Studies have shown that if you right-size your dishware you will right-size your meal.

Kemper Dietrich says her philosophy is oriented toward better overall wellness with the entire country through the product line. And it appears the U.S. needs it. The average American Dinner plate has grown by almost 51% since 1900, with plates expanding from 9.6 inches to nearly a foot in diameter. The Center for Disease Control says this current generation of parents will outlive their children due to the rampant rise of childhood obesity.

“As a professional nutritionist, I believe the Livliga dinnerware and product line is an excellent tool for families with children in these critical formative years. Creating positive eating habits as children grow to adulthood with behaviors that will last a lifetime is a must.” — Cynthia Schrader, RD, LD Child Nutrition Director

A 4-piece Livliga place setting is available online on the company website at www.livligahome.com at an introductory price of $49.95 (MSRP $59.95). Kemper Dietrich says plans call for further product launches of accompanying fine etched glassware and a set of LivSpoons that make for easy, everyday measuring of right-sized servings.

About Livliga Livliga (www.livligahome.com) was founded in February of 2011 and was formally incorporated in March of the same year. The company was conceived out of the personal need for a solution to our supersized world surrounding eating. Sheila Kemper Dietrich assembled a team of experts with a combined 70 years of experience to create a suite of affordable tableware that will contribute to solving the obesity epidemic. Combining the healthy with the aesthetically pleasing, Kemper Dietrich and her team envision an entire line of Livliga products, widely available online and in fine retail stores. Additional launches of product are planned through 2014, including a children’s line, a children’s book, etched glassware and LivSpoons.

To purchase Livliga, visit its online store at, http://www.livligahome.com. “Like” Livliga on Facebook at facebook.com/livligahome, follow on Twitter @livligahome and visit our blog at livligahome.blogspot.com.

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