TAN Filed Title VI Claim Against JCT

For immediate release

January 9, 2013

Contact: Janet Rogers, co-founder of Transit Action Network and Chair of the “Save The JO” project

TransActionKC@gmail.com or 816-550-3579 (Cell)

Transit Action Network filed a Title VI claim with the Federal Transit Administration Civil Rights Division against Johnson County Transit (JCT) on December 14, 2012, in response to service cuts effective January 2, 2013, along with signatories: The Whole Person, Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity, and Westwood Christian Church.

As a result of this complaint the FTA Civil Rights Division is reviewing the impacts the service cuts have on Minority and Low-income Populations. The FTA evaluates the cuts for compliance with Title VI of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, and conformance with FTA Circular requirements and an Executive Order on Environmental Justice.

Johnson County failed to get the FTA Civil Rights Division to review and approve the service cuts before the Johnson County Board of Commissioners approved the plan. The only way to get the service cuts reviewed now was to file a formal complaint.

The basis of our disparate impact claim is that riders and potential riders were harmed by Johnson County Transit’s inadequate and exclusionary public participation process, which did not conform with Title VI requirements, therefore denying minorities and low-income individuals an opportunity for their issues to be considered as part of the decision making process.

Also cited in the complaint are issues related to:

· Required data missing from the JCT Title VI analysis

· Inferior service levels for Minority and Low-Income Populations

· Segmenting-chipping away at minority routes to eliminate them while avoiding Title VI requirements

· The impact on Minorities with Disabilities

· The 33% service cut on Route 812/J may place a disproportionate burden on the elderly low-income transit dependent people who depend on this route to acquire basic needs such as fresh food, medicines and clothing.

· The Johnson County Board of County Commissioners priority list for retaining service, which appears to be discriminatory

· JCT not complying with its own Title VI program regarding on-street signage.

Even though Johnson County’s Minority and Low-Income Populations have increased significantly, the commuter service has not adjusted to address the needs of these residents, let alone needs of people in their greater service area.

Transit Action Network is a grassroots transit advocacy group working to improve and expand transit in the Kansas City region.

Additional details and supporting documentation are available on our website at TransActionKC.com

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