Blue Springs company offers free interview outfit consultations

Blue Springs, MO --Many people make the New Year’s resolution of looking for a new job. Locally owned, is here to help them with a great start. The company is offering free consultations for interview outfits until the end of February. “It is a common concern for people, what to wear for that all important interview. If you are confident in what you are wearing, that will show through in your interview as confidence in yourself,” says Sally Van Dyke, owner of InterviewToSuccess. “First impressions are everything and it can really hamper your chances if you are dressed inappropriately.” To receive the free consultation, people just need to go to the website and click on “Submit Picture” on the front page of the website. Attach a picture of the outfit and add what type of interview it is for and the company will reply with ideas on the outfit. The website and the services provided by InterviewToSuccess have helped numerous people land the “dream” job. Clients have stated that talking over interview points beforehand have really given them a sense of calm as they walk into that important interview. “Family members and friends can help when reviewing interview questions or outfits, but many times, they are too polite or do not know what employers are looking for in the questions,” Van Dyke states. “It is important to get a professional opinion for everything from that important question to what to wear to the interview.” With over fourteen years of experience in Human Resources and interviewing, Van Dyke helps interviewees tackle those common questions and not so common questions. She finds that many people may feel confident in their abilities, but if they are not dressed correctly, then their confidence falls. “In the world of ‘business casual’, it has become difficult to know what to wear to an interview. I tell my clients to dress at least one step above what they think they would normally wear for the job that they are interviewing.” What are some other tips and tricks that Van Dyke can give? Make sure to use accessories sparingly. You want to be remembered, but for the right reasons. Also, go without cologne or perfume or use very little. Many people have sensitivities and you want to overwhelm the interviewer with your knowledge, not your smell. has more hints and tips for the interviewer and the interviewee. For those smaller companies who do not have a dedicated HR department, she is able to screen and interview. You can go onto the website to see additional tips and prices.
You can contact Sally Van Dyke at or at 816-896-5106.

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