Longtime Missouri resident and combat veteran seeks to represent Missouri's 8th District


Contact: Damaris Pinero (816) 582-9695 voteforpedro@votingforpedro.com www.votingforpedro.com

A Long Time MO Resident and Combat Veteran seeks to Represent MO 8th District Kansas City, MO – Businessman and combat veteran Pedro Sotelo formally announced today his candidacy for Missouri’s 8th Congressional District seat.

“It is an honor to have the opportunity to represent my community and the state of Missouri in Washington,” says Pedro. “It is time for a change. This past election the people in the US were loud and clear. We want change, we want someone that understands us and can relate to us.”

“I am the person that will represent you and will not compromise the values and principles that makes our country great.”

Pedro’s experience includes 10 years in business development and management locally and internationally, 9 years in the military as a leader in special operations, and 15 years in manufacturing and construction trades. He currently works with military veterans and their families as they continue to adjust to everyday life.

“My commitment is to strengthen the economical structure of our community while taking a strong stand for the principles and values on which America was founded upon and outlined in our Constitution; a limited government, the right to protect ourselves and our families, free markets, freedom of speech and religion, and the liberty and opportunity to pursue happiness.”

Pedro Sotelo, 41, a political newcomer, resident of Missouri for over 19 years, married to his high school sweetheart and father of two, will seek the Republican nomination in the upcoming district meeting in early January. Pedro believes that we are all called to serve our country in different ways and at different times in our lives and is prepared to serve his community once again this time as their representative in Washington. To find out more about Pedro Sotelo, you can visit his website, www.votingforpedro.com.

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