Kansas City photographer opening foors For commercial holiday events

The holidays are drawing near and so are plenty of commercial festivities. That’s good news for one Kansas City Photographer who’s opening wide his doors for the corporate holiday events this season.

For many businesses this time of year is a great excuse to kick back and throw a holiday party for their employees. Maybe it’s because business owners know that employee culture is vital to their company’s success. Or, maybe it’s just because everybody enjoys a good time. In either case the winter festivities present a great opportunity for Kansas City photographer Todd Davidson who particularly enjoys working the commercial holiday scene.

“Businesses are made up of people,” photographer Todd Davidson comments, “We don’t get to see our coworkers in their natural element very often. It’s really healthy for coworkers to spend time together in their normal clothes, talking about something other than work and eating good food together. That’s the perfect time and place to capture the story of those workers’ lives with the perfect photographs. The pictures you get at those events are the ones that go up in the office and are put on Facebook. Those are the memories people want to remember, and will remember.”

During the winter months the Kansas City Photography industry slows down for many. The wedding season is over and the weather is less than ideal for family and senior pictures. Seeing a great opportunity in what’s often viewed as a slow season Todd Davidson Photography has made a big push into commercial holiday events.

Davidson invites all businesses to take advantage of capturing the story of their company forever, “if you’re going to throw a high dollar commercial event you’re going to want to have some proof that it existed when tomorrow comes,” comments Davidson. “It’s more than worth the time and money to have a professional photographer out to capture those moments forever. Don’t leave it in the hands of everybody’s camera phones. Get yourself a tangible recored of your company’s life, and not to mention have great photos for publicity. I like to compare it to a firework. Would you rather see the best fireworks of your life once and leave the rest to memory? Or would you prefer to own the perfect picture of that explosion in all of its beauty for everyone to see any time they want? You chose.”

Davidson, originally from Olathe, Kansas, and his crew are excited to see the growth his studio has experienced these past years. Despite the rise of amateurs armed with sleek looking digital cameras in recent years Todd Davidson Photography has only grown. For more information on commercial opportunities please visit http://www.todddavidsonphoto.com

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