Missouri Author Releases New Installment in Vampire Series

Missouri teens wanting the next big thing in vampires, witches, angels and demons now have an author from their own community to look too.

Missouri author, Catherine Stovall, releases Reborn, the second novel in her Requiem of Humanity Series, via e-book publisher Untreed Reads.

Mrs. Stovall, author of the Requiem of Humanity Series and Fearful Day (A Short Story), says, “I am honored that so many of the youth in the area are interested in what I am doing. Being able to inspire kids to read and write is a tremendous reward.”

Stovall’s experience as a mother and older sister helped her produce a paranormal series that many parents appreciate. Ambrosia Karr, mother of four, says, “Catherine’s work is refreshing. You don’t have to worry if your child is reading about too much sex or if the books are over glamourizing vampirism. I read Stolen (Book 1 of the series) before I let my daughters read it and I was impressed by how captivating the story was without many of things I prefer my kids not to read.”

Stovall’s first novel, Stolen: Requiem of Humanity Series: Book 1, won her a coveted spot on the Untreed Reads Best Seller’s list in October 2011. Reviewers across the board rave on Stovall’s talent to bring a new spin on one of the oldest monsters known to man.

“I eventually want to branch out into other genres,” says Stovall, “I will always write for the young reader but I would like to give them more than just vampires. There are so many other fantastical creatures to explore.”

Stovall is quickly becoming known for her ability to combine factual places and events with her vivid fiction to create stories that all ages can enjoy. In addition to her writing, Catherine is known for using her books to promote charities. She recently hosted a pet food and supply drive for local no-kill shelter, Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary in Jackson, MO.

For more information about Catherine Stovall or her new Untreed Reads title, please visit www.catherinestovall.webs.com. To schedule an interview or photo with Catherine, she can be contacted at CathStovall@aol.com.

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