Local independent filmmaker is asking the internets help in making a movie


Andrew Shafer is a film writer, director, and cinematographer in the St. Louis Community. Originally based out of Leavenworth, Kansas he went onto film school at Webster University. There he made several short films and documentaries--including Born In Blood, Pass the Dutch, and Of Little Convenience. The latter film was selected into the Webster Film Festival and is being considered into several other festivals. Shafer has worked on several professional projects with some of the most well respected cinematographers from St. Louis, including Chris Benson and Ryan Samul. Recently Shafer took part in the filming of Brian Jun’s film She Loves Me Not, starring Cary Elwes and Lisa Edelstein--due for release in 2013.

Shafer’s new project is an independent film called Bad Romance. The movie is about a high school student who is pressured to go to a motel during his prom night and must deal with his girlfriend’s insanity and his own dark homicidal feelings. Bad Romance fuses romance, drama and horror into a seamless blend that will keep the audience geared for more. It explores the relationship between two complex and damaged individuals while also creating suspense and twists along the way.

“Bad Romance is a movie that’s a year in the making and is the culmination of all my interests as a filmmaker,” says Andrew Shafer.

“Ever since I was a teenager I’ve been a huge fan of slasher and horror films. In many of these movies, like Friday the 13th or A Nightmare on Elm Street, the killers are likable to an audience, but never relatable. I was compelled to write a story about a misunderstood killer an audience can find a connection and relate to,” says Andrew Shafer.

“I did a lot of research on mental disorder and used that as a way to bring humanity into these broken characters. The main character Tim has anxiety and obsessive compulsive tendencies. These characteristics inhabit his personality and make him something original as a serial killer,” says Andrew Shafer.

Currently Shafer is trying to raise funds to get this film produced and off the ground. Using the online crowdfunding website Indiegogo, he is trying to raise $5,500. The money will go towards equipment and lighting rentals, costumes, make-up, locations fees, and lots of blood! Every dollar counts to getting this film made. Go to http://www.indiegogo.com/BadRomance for more information and to see the striking promo video. This project is also the prologue to a feature film and will be used to jumpstart its creation.

“Bad Romance is a crazy, electric and surprisingly touching screenplay, a hybrid offspring of Dexter mated with the movie First Love. Couple that with Mr. Shafer's wildly off-kilter point of view and his insanely gifted ability to direct, Bad Romance promises to be a wild ride with love, romance...and a lot of blood.--Bart Baker, screenwriter (Live Wire and Children of the Bride) and novelist (Honeymoon With Harry).

Contact Andrew Shafer at andrewryanshafer@gmail.com or call him at 913-240-5217 to set up an interview or get more information.

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