Sunlite continues to provide ‘healthy’ lights for green walls across Kansas

The University of Kansas' Studio 804 design team utilized LED-based luminaires coupled with day lighting strategies to achieve green wall lighting designs in two energy-efficient projects in Kansas.

LAWRENCE, KS, USA – Sunlite Science & Technology announces that its LED light strips, SunStip40 series, is being utilized to remodel the green wall lighting system for Studio 804, Inc.’s Center for Design Research on the University of Kansas’ (KU) campus.

The Center for Design Research was designed in 2011 to provide a location for interdisciplinary work between multiple schools while aiding in the education of the university and community on sustainable strategies, material innovation and building efficiency. When Sunlite worked with Studio 804 on their 2012 project, The Galileo Pavilion on the Kansas Johnson County Community College (JCCC) campus, which includes three green walls, it became evident that the light solution provided by Sunlite’s SunStrip40 was keeping the plants healthier then the initial lighting for the Center for Design Research green wall.

“Without Sunlite technology incorporated into the design at Johnson County Community College’s living walls we [Studio 804, Inc.] never would have been able to achieve the quality of lighting we needed and most likely would have had to cut way back on the entire concept,” said Dan Rockhill, Executive Director of Studio 804, J L Constant Distinguished Professor of Architecture at the University of Kansas. “We tried other ways of artificially lighting the living wall at the Center for Design Research but never succeeded to the extent that we liked. We eventually retrofit the entire lighting system to incorporate only Sunlite Science & Technology’s lighting.”

The initial lighting system at the Center consisted of thirty two MR16s permanently mounted on a cable system and subsequently the addition of sixteen T5s on movable mounts that were rolled out to light the plants for several hours a night.

“The LED lights have significantly impacted the plant growth and fullness in the Living Wall installations,” said Katie Sadler, Greenhouse Manager at the University of Kansas Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. “The plants have responded very positively to the quality and high intensity of the lights with increased health and vigor of the plants, which has resulted in increased plant growth and fullness of the installation.”

The remodel lighting system includes 16 SunStrip40 48” strips and 2 SunStrip40 24” strips all in cool white to aid in photosynthesis. Each SunStrip40 module has an efficacy reaching 73 lm/W with a 50,000 hour warranty.

Contact: Kirsten Oschwald, Sunlite Science & Technology, 785.856.0219

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