Trade & barter business launches in KC Metro

Press Release: Metro Trade Exchange is launching in the KC Metro Area! Keeping the focus on helping the local business owners grow their business and gain additional clients encourages the community to “Buy Local and Trade Local.” Metro Trade Exchange provides an innovative marketplace for local businesses to buy and sell from each other without using cash. Instead, the members of Metro Trade Exchange do business with each other using trade dollars.

The Metro Trade Exchange membership is an extensive and diverse group of businesses in every type of industry. Metro Trade Exchange members are simply agreeing to accept an additional form of currency for payment. Members are free to purchase any product or service within the MTE network.

In addition to the network of businesses accepting the currency, MTE provides various marketing channels that will bring your business new customers to purchase your products and services with trade dollars. You can then use those trade dollars to offset current business and personal expenses by purchasing goods from other members without using valuable cash resources.

All members receive a $1,000 Line of Credit with 0% interest so they can begin trading right away.

Traditional trade requires two businesses trade one another’s’ services or products; however, we are more like a Trade Co-Op, where you can use your trade dollars to trade with ANY of our member companies. So, if a hotel needed to trade for landscape work, the landscape company would earn those trade dollars, and they can spend them in any increment they want to as many businesses they would like with no expiration date. We keep those trade dollars in an online trade banking account for each member. The members have access to their accounts just like they would their real cash banking accounts.

During the month of December – the first 100 memberships are FREE. Simply go to and click on Get Started. Fill out the application and await the approval process. For additional information, please contact Christy Gillespie (816) 730-0787 or Facebook: Twitter: @MetroTradeExch LinkedIn:

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